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One of the worst things to do is haul something heavy and have it slide or fall off the truck. It doesn't happen often, but it does happen while it shouldn't. It's not fair to the people on the road and it's certainly not safe. If you're a trucker you've probably used grade 70 chain binder and load binders. Did you know, however, that there is way to maximize the use of it to further secure the heavy item?

Grade 70 chains are designed specifically to hold items down and secure them in place but there is always the propensity for the materials to break free. You never want that, but in order to maximize the chains it requires a little creativity. There are three main ways to maximize the usage of the grade 70 binders and have your items still intact.

  1. No matter where you hook it, you still need it to drape across the heavy machinery or item. Wrap it across the base to get the maximum stability. Then add another across the top or middle of the item. The base is where it starts to come undone. When you secure the base, the rest will settle down with it.

  2. Use a 2X4 or other stable object and place it in front of the item. Then drape the chains across it. When the chains go across the 2X4 or whatever object it is, you add an extra tapestry of stability that is put in place. Wood or even cardboard are one solid piece – as such the friction is reduced keeping the item in place.

  3. Ensure there is very little tension in the chain. One would have to strike a peculiar balance here. If it is too tight, the chain could snap. If it's too loose, the chain just won't do its job. The slightest bounce in the chain is perfect.

Hauling heavy duty machinery is one thing, but making sure it doesn't run away is something completely different. Maximize the use of the grade 70 chain binders and you'll never have a bad shipment.

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