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With just 3 races left in the 2012 F1 season, the fight for the two titles (constructors and drivers championships) is really hotting up. After a blinding start to the season, Fernando Alonso has lost his lead to Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel, who has won the last 4 races. However, as the season draws to a close with the last 3 races still to be contested (Abu DhabiUSA and Brazil), it’s still anyone’s game.

Fernando Alonso is a main contender for this years F1 Drivers Championship

Or is it? As we all know, the car is almost as important (some would argue more important) than the person driving it when it comes to winning races, and right now, no one can argue that Red Bull do not have the quickest car on the track. Fernando Alonso even said that he’s fighting his title battle against Red Bull team designer Adrian Newey, as well as Vettel. The rapid rate of development on Vettel’s car is clear to see; he has only started scoring highly in the last 4 races, demonstrating the difference a few upgrades can make in such a short time. The development of cars has been frantic recently, and with every fraction of a second making a difference in F1, the championship could easily be won on pen and paper rather than on track.

Something that could also be questioned is whether or not this is really a two horse race between Ferrari and Red Bull; Ferrari are only 10 points in front of Mclaren in the constructors championship. If you look a bit deeper into this, you can see how well this reflects both Felipe Massa and Alonso’s performances earlier in the season. It’s only recently that Massa has started scoring good points for Ferrari, but Alonso’s great start kept the team in the game; however, now that Alonso has started to fall behind Vettel in the drivers championship, could it be down to Massa to secure Ferrari’s position from Mclaren’s final push?

Lewis Hamilton has had several retirements this season, which have ruled out any hope of a 2nd World Championship title.

But there could be another car filling the wing mirrors of the two title contenders in Abu Dhabi; the Mclaren of Lewis Hamilton, currently lying in fifth on the drivers championship points tables. Despite struggling in the last 4 races, I don’t think Lewis’s current point tally does his driving this year justice. He has taken 3 race wins and an additional 3 podiums, but a number of retirements has seen his position falter. Despite his move to Mercedes next year, Lewis has insisted he is still dedicated to Mclaren until the end of the season, and he is traditionally strong in Abu Dhabi; he very nearly won in 2009, came second in 2010 and won last year. Will his car be up to the challenge? It could be one of the crucial factors in deciding this years champion.

Will this be the sight we’ll see on the podium in Brazil?

And what do I think? Personally, I think Vettel will win the championship. This would be his 3rd consecutive world title, and he is driving the fastest car on the grid; despite remaining optimistic, it’s going to take 3 perfect drives from Alonso (and a lot of luck!) for him to overthrow the charging (Red) Bull of Sebastian Vettel.

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