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Winter is coming, and it can do a rough job on your car if you don’t properly prepare it for the
upcoming harsh weather conditions. The best time to start prepping your vehicle would be around
half of November. As soon as you see that the temperatures are dropping, and you wake up to see
some frost outside, it should be your reminder that it’s time to take care of the car. Be it on the
highway or the driveway, winter can be trouble. So, here are 6 tips to prepare your car for winter
driving conditions.

Put on winter tires before it gets cold

It would be wise not to wait for the snow to fall to change the tires. At seven degrees Celsius, regular
tires stop being effective. On the other hand, winter tires consist out of softer rubber compound,
which makes it possible for them to remain flexible even when the temperatures are low. So, as
previously mentioned, November is the perfect time to change the tires and prepare for winter.
When you see a graphic that shows a mountain and a snowflake – those are the tires that you are
looking for.

winter tyre

Wash and wax

When driving on the roads during wintertime, you will come across a whole lot of ice, salt, slush, and
sand. This is where a fresh coat of wax can do wonders, as it is made to protect your car from these
things. Furthermore, your car needs a good wash. You need to clean off your windshields, lights, and
mirrors, as you want them to be fully functional and provide you with the best vision they can. You
should also wash the underbelly of your car, so that you prevent rusting.


Change the oil

You need to change the oil type as well. The rule is that thicker oil works best for the summer, while
thinner oil is the best solution for winter. Oil does many important things for your car. For example,
it lubricates the parts, and helps with cooling the engine. However, as time goes by, it loses its
capacity to do these things properly. When winter comes, the oil turns cold, and it’s harder to move,
which is why it’s often so difficult to start the car.

motor oil

Check your windshield wipers

As Epping auto service professionals say, good windshield wipers can save you when heavy rain
starts to pour. This is why it is important that you keep them in good shape. The fact is that the
rubber wears down as time goes by, so you should change them on a yearly basis. Replacing them
yourself is a somewhat easy task. It is important that you clean your windshield before you use
them, as they tend to freeze and stick to the window, so using them like that will tear them. Lifting
your wipers up when your car is parked is a good idea.

Check the coolant and flush

If you want your whole car’s system to work properly during winter, you need to have proper
coolant and flush the car to keep it in shape. It is essential even during winter months to have the
right amount of coolant so that everything works as it should. The engine creates a lot of heat, and
that heat needs to be properly transported for your car to run.
Adding coolant or antifreeze to your car’s system needs to be done carefully, as you don’t get pre-
mixed containers. You need to check what the appropriate proportions for your climate are. Finally,
every few years, your car’s system needs proper flushing. If you don’t know how to do it yourself,
have a professional help you out.

Take a look at your battery

Before the temperature drops, you should check your battery. You certainly want to avoid battery
issues during a snowstorm. See if the water levels are right and the connections are corroded. A
battery usually lasts about four years, so if it’s near the end of its lifetime, make sure you get it

In summation

It is essential that you prepare your car for the upcoming winter months. Put on winter tires, wash
and wax your car, change the oil, and check the windshield wipers, the coolant, and the battery. You
need to have your car in the best shape when the temperature drops, so that it can perform
properly and not get you into trouble.

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