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Enjoying tea and biscuits. As always
24 Mar 09
a while ago
VW Polo GTI 
Renault Clio Williams 
Integrale, 288 GTO, Esprit 350 and Caterham R300 please. 

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Bleubear - 13 Aug 06:38 PM
How do I post something to get a response about a question I'm new here
Anonymous - 14 Jun 08:07 PM
Dear Stephen could you contact me about the issue of high oil consumption on the VAG group 1.4 TSI engine as in the Polo GTI, Skoda Fabia VRS etc. I have got an issue with this my e mail address is cheers Jonathan
Anonymous - 16 Oct 01:07 PM
Alright Steve, Just clocked your clio long termer on autotrader. Good price for the spec! Should be a good buy for someone.
Anonymous - 28 Sep 09:36 AM
Stephen, I'd really like to know -- where are you from originally?
Gavin Blackwell - 10 Apr 10:52 AM
Steve, shame that I didn't meet you at Silverstone, the weather wasn't conducive to wandering around outside of the shelter of the garage. Still hopefully catch you at another track day.
Ben__B - 15 Dec 02:42 PM
Link not like
Ben__B - 15 Dec 02:42 PM
Stephen can I make a suggestion. Why dont you like new content on the website with the forum instead of having comments, that no one ever uses? Could stimulate more evo content on the forum and show how much you are putting onto the web? Ben
Adam Shorrock - 30 Mar 04:52 PM
Alreeeet Spugs man!!!! Nay to bad my northern monkey friend.
MickyP - 26 Mar 08:47 PM
Way-ey, mun. Save me a bik
Stephen Dobie - 26 Mar 05:24 PM
You're incandescent with rage TWICE. I'm scared! Pleased I'm at a safe distance.
DanStrong - 26 Mar 05:19 PM
Yes. I am also incandescent with rage.
DanStrong - 26 Mar 05:18 PM
Yes. I am also incandescent with rage.
Stephen Dobie - 26 Mar 05:16 PM
Absolutely not. Bet you're massively jealous?
DanStrong - 26 Mar 05:10 PM
Bugs? Double posts and clock that seems to ignore E=mc2. But it's not a deal breaker.

1600 miles in a Mini GP

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