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SSO: Supercars at the Geneva Auto Show
March 13, 2013 6:21 AM  |  Posted By: Secret Supercar Owner
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I was able to find a bit of time to stop by the Auto Show when down in Geneva last week.  Normally I am not a big fan of these shows as I am not much for crowds but the opportunity to see several of the latest hyper/super cars in one place was too much to resist.  As I only had a couple of hours, it was a very focused visit with stops at the Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, McLaren, Porsche, Pagani, and Koenigsegg stands.  Fortunately this grouping was spread over two connecting halls as the convention center is just huge.

Based on geography, the first stop was the Ferrari stand to see the new Ferrari LaFerrari.  No comment on the name and I have to admit I am not sold yet on the LaFa’s design.  I am going to reserve final judgment and see if it grows on me.  What was surprising was we were not allowed to look at the interior which does raise the question on how finished the Geneva show car really is.  The balance of the cars on the Ferrari stand were the current range plus a F1 display car.  The more I see the F12, the more brilliant the packaging appears.  The lines on the F12 are very clean & tight, giving the F12 a muscular but elegant stance.

Next stop was a brief one over to the Alfa Romeo stand to see the 4C.  When it was first announced I had put down a deposit.  After hearing nothing for a year, said deposit was pulled.  The visit to the stand was a gut check to see if I had made the right decision not to wait.  At a bit over £50,000 for the launch edition which comes with a 1.75 liter 4 cylinder turbo charged engine rated at 237 bhp, I am quite happy with my decision.  Drop a V6 or V8 behind the seats and add at least another hundred bhp and you would definitely have my attention.

The McLaren stand was brilliantly designed as it had real presence being raised off floor level.  The flooring on the stand brought back memories of the MTC which I am sure was not accidental.  Unlike McLaren’s main opposition, we were allowed to take a look at the P1 up close, including sitting in the car.  The driving position is outstanding and it is clear even the smallest details have been well thought through.  A F1 in a similar color was positioned strategically only a short distance away which allowed for a good side by side comparison.  The DNA transfer from the F1 to the P1 is very clear.  McLaren also had a MP4-12C Coupe and Spider on the stand.  Unlike most models, I do think the 12C’s lines work better as a Spider.

From the McLaren stand I headed over to Porsche to see the 918 as I very naively assumed Porsche could not afford not to have it on display given the presence of the P1 and LaFa.  Turns out I was wrong.  The 918 was nowhere to be found so it was off to see the Pagani Huayra.  Mr. Pagani does produce a spectacular bespoke automobile for those with very deep pockets.  Subtle it is not though.  The Pagani stand did attract quite the crowd who seem to really appreciate the two Huayra’s on display.  Final stop before rushing off to the airport was the Koenigsegg stand.  Sadly it was as about as crowded as Lapland.  It was really too bad as the car displayed was in the same league with the Huayras.

All in, it was certainly an enjoyable way to spend a few hours. Now come a few decisions……….


................decision made.  Deposit placed.  More to follow in the next few months.

My Twitter account is @SupercarOwner . I will send out a message when the latest Fast Fleet entry or blog is posted.

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Mannetje at 3:49 PM March 26, 2013

"When it was first announced I had put down a deposit. After hearing nothing for a year, said deposit was pulled." Strange, from what I've understand is that dealers only recently started taking deposits for the 4C. Up until then dealers were just as uninformed as the general public. "Drop a V6 or V8 behind the seats and add at least another hundred bhp and you would definitely have my attention." I think your missing the point of this car, apart from being a marketing product for Alfa, it's a light weight, and it sort of is super car tech, made available for a larger public. And besides, even the Lotus Exige, which is smaller in dimensions, gains quit some weight in the V6 compressor disguise. Furthermore the 4C as presented in Geneva is what it was intended and communicated from day 1. But I can understand that a serial supercar owner gets a little less exited. Choosing between the carbon tub of an F40 or an 4C, I know what I would pick..........

Secret Supercar Owner at 9:12 PM March 20, 2013

Normally your local dealer will provide a pass for the stand which you present upon arrival.

iamholam at 12:06 PM March 20, 2013

Really interested in what the procedure is like in terms of walking up to a stand like McLaren or Ferrarri and asking for a sit in their newest car. Do they recognise you on sight or do you have to flash your credentials about the cars you have owned before they take you seriously?

articulatedjunk at 7:59 PM March 19, 2013

Good to hear this perspective. I think the P1 is the best choice. It is going to be an absolute pinnacle of production car engineering. I also suspect that it will take the La Ferrari on most tracks.

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