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SSO: Service Season has arrived again
February 19, 2013 6:41 AM  |  Posted By: Secret Supercar Owner
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Snow on the ground is one of the signals that it is time to schedule the annual services for the Ferraris.  Like most things supercar related, it is a bit more complicated than normal.  Also as the cars age, there are always a number of additional items that need to be addressed to keep them in good running condition.  This is especially true of the F40 which is now 21 years old.  At this age, all the perishable items will need to have been replaced at least once, if not twice.  This year also makes the end of trilogy of fuel bladder replacements that started back with the Jaguar XJR-15 in 2011, continued with the Ferrari F50 last year and from a financial perspective fortunately wraps up with the Ferrari F40 this year.  All the replacement fuel bladders are rated at ten years so I should be in the clear now until 2021.

To get things started, I emailed the service manager at Carrs Ferrari to see when we could schedule the three in for service.  Carrs do the servicing on all my Ferraris (along with the occasional Jaguar XJR-15 & Koenigsegg) and have done so for years now.  Their mechanical knowledge and customer service is outstanding.  Normally we do the cars all back to back so as the transporter drops one off, the next gets collected.  Next is to agree the order with the one with the largest job going first.  This year it is clearly the F40 with the fuel bladder replacements, bi-annual cam belt change, and long overdue stone chip respray.  The headliner will also need to be removed and re-glued but I have decided to wait on getting the seats reupholstered until 2014.  As we knew the tanks would need doing this year, all the parts were ordered well in advance.  The last part is critical as it can sometimes take months to sources parts these days for F40s and F50s. 

Once the F40 is finished, likely in mid-March, the 430 Scuderia will be sent off next.  On top of the normal service, the Scuderia will get 4 new tyres and have a bit of moisture in the headlights addressed.  The last is a very common issue on Scuderia's.  One benefit of the nearly new Scuderia is that the maintenance is quite reasonable and straightforward.  The only major decision on the Scuderia is if we extend the Ferrari power warrantee or let it expire in a few months’ time. 

The last to go will be the F50, after last year’s major; this year fortunately it will just be fluids and filters.  The F50 is running brilliantly these days and on a mileage basis is not due a service yet.  However I still like to have all the cars in the workshop at least once a year for a check over and fluid changes.  On all these cars, it is much better to catch an issue early, than have it develop into a major (and ££££) problem later.

If all goes well, the servicing cycle should be done by early April.  All will therefore be ready for the warmer, and hopefully dryer, start to spring.


F40 came back on Thursday, right on time and looking great.  Major work included the stone chip respray, new headliner, new fuel cells, and cambelt change plus a few other annual items.  Total cost......ouch.......thankfully the fuel cells only need doing once every ten years.  Hopefully the clouds will clear and the roads will dry enough to get out at least for a short drive tomorrow.

430 Scuderia went back on the transporter and is now in for service.


The 430 Scuderia is now back from service.  Headlights, clutch release bearing, and manifold stud all replaced under warranty (all common issues), also had four new tyres fitted.  Rest of the service was routine and quite reasonable.  Good news is wear on the carbon ceramic brakes is under 10% and clutch just a bit more so both in excellent condition.

The F50 got picked up when the Scuderia was dropped off so it is now in for what should be a very routine service.  Hope to have it back this coming week.


The F50 came back last week.  Service was completely routine except for a thermostat seal which decided to let go while the car was in the service bay.  It could not have failed at a better place or time.  We took advantage of the great weather over the weekend at took the F50 out for a long drive. It is running beautifully with everything just spot on.  In terms of the total damage, the F40 with the tank change was by far the most painful, the 430 Scuderia with new boots came second, and the F50 did the least damage to the wallet. Many that to Mark and Harvey at Carrs Ferrari in Exeter for taking great care of all three again.

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Secret Supercar Owner at 10:08 AM March 10, 2013

The "chain" Ferraris are definitely easier on the wallet than the older "belt" Ferraris. However belt changes on a 550, 612, & 360 and much more reasonable than on a 348, F355, and 512. On the older cars, a belt change can run 20% of the value of the car.

ATS at 2:18 PM March 6, 2013

Agreed. I'm naïvely hoping that they backtrack after the overwhelming negative reaction. Not happening, I know. Regarding your latest blog, would you be willing to share some of these service costs? I'm particularly interested in the maintenance costs related to the Scuderia and how these compare to the older Ferraris. I'm under the impression that every Ferrari since the F430 would be more "affordable" to maintain (chain vs belts, more reliable, etc). Thx!

Secret Supercar Owner at 6:29 AM March 6, 2013

Thanks. Can't say yet on the HyperCars. LaFerrari name is a bit of an unpleasant surprise.

ATS at 6:50 PM March 5, 2013

SSO - Glad to have you back. Which one out of the latest crop of hypercars: LaFerrari, P1, Porsche 918, or Huayra would you choose? Is your name on the list for any one of those already?

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