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September 27, 2012 6:15 AM  |  Posted By: Secret Supercar Owner
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The latest issue of EVO included a new section, the "Fantasy Garage Challenge".  In the magazine, the challenge is to find a toy, a sports car or GT, and a daily driver for £100,000.  It sounded like quite a good way to kill a bit of time on a very wet miserable Sunday afternoon.  However as this is my blog, I decided to change the rules a bit.  Same group of 3 car but the budget has been increased to a more supercar friendly £1,000,000.  To make sure there is a bit of extra brain engagement, the other rule I have added is none of the choices can be cars I own or have owned. 

I decided to start  with the Daily Driver, as that seemed on face value to be the easiest, my base criteria is that it would need to be able to carry at least 4 adults with legs and a bit of luggage.  It would also need to be both engaging too drive when the opportunity to push on presented itself, while being well mannered and comfortable in traffic.   If it had a roof that retracted for those rare moments of sun, it would be an added bonus.  After going through the usual default options from Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz, the following caught my eye: 2012 Maserati GranCabrio 4.7 S  £94.950 which seems to ticks all the right boxes.  I have sat in the rear of one for a 30 minute trip, and it was not too bad, put your foot down and the GranCabrio will certainly throw itself at the horizon and grip in corners is pretty good.  The only negative, I am sure depreciation on this one will not be pretty.  I did consider a Porsche Panamera but the option of open air motoring clinched it for the Maserati.

For the Sports Car/GT, it was another fairly straight forward decision for a 2011 Ferrari 599 GTO £340,000 .   The criteria here focused on a car that could crush continents in comfort and style while being more than competent on a track.  Performance wise these days, not much can top the 599 GTO.  In fact a good friend who has driven just about every sports and supercar produced over the last 20 years, declared his undying love for the 21st century GTO and called it the best car Ferrari had produced to date.  I have been out on a track with a few 599 GTOs and their performance is staggering.  As impressive is just how comfortable the 599 GTO is, covering a 1000 miles in a day in one will not leave you in need of therapy.  The Porsche Carrera GT was a close second choice.  It only lost out due to the slightly demonic clutch.

Then it was on to choosing the Toy.  Key word here is toy.  Fun to drive and completely indulgent were the drivers.  Performance numbers, not so important here.  When running through the different approaches I could take on this one, the word that kept banging against the front of the brain was cool, but classic cool.  The mission, pick a really cool car that would always be an event to go out in, a true toy.  In my humble opinion, not much can beat a 60's Ferrari convertible for timeless cool.  The coolest of all, a SWB 250 California Spider, which is sadly worth significantly more than my remaining budget of £565,050.  Unlike a Southern European country, I can't call up the Germans and ask them to cover the gap either.  So it was back to looking at what other 60's Ferrari convertibles might fit the budget.  After about 15 minutes on the internet, I found the one, a stunning 1966 Ferrari 275 GTS at Modena Motorsports .  Based on the £400,000 that a very similar one sold for at the recent Bonham's Goodwood Revival Auction this puts at least £100,000 under budget.

In summary, it's a Maserati GranCabrio 4.7 S as a daily driver, Ferrari 599 GTO as the sports car/GT, and a Ferrari 275 GTS as the toy.  Not a bad way at all to send a hour or two.


My Twitter account is @SupercarOwner . I will send out a message when the latest blog is posted.



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Secret Supercar Owner at 9:24 AM September 27, 2012

The 599 GTO is high on the potential list for 2013. Need to finish the garage clean out first though.

davelowery at 8:08 AM September 27, 2012

Very good choices. What's stopped you from getting a 599 GTO yourself?

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