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SSO: Supercar Ghosts from Garages Past
December 6, 2012 5:26 AM  |  Posted By: Secret Supercar Owner
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As we are nearing the end of the year, I have been reflecting back on the different supercars I have owned over the years.  They basically fall into three groups; missed and sorry I sold, enjoyed owning but it was time to move on, and thank god it’s gone.  For the sake of brevity, I will only touch upon my top two in each category.

Starting with the last “thank god it’s gone” group, at pole position would have to be a Ferrari 456 GT.  When I bought the car, it came with a huge pile of invoices and I naively assumed that anything that could possibly go wrong with it had already been addressed.  I was completely wrong; this rubber footed spawn of Hades was just getting going.  Every turn of the ignition key seemed to invite further punishment.  On those rare occasions when it did run, I found it under braked and overweight.  Both did nothing to help its case.  The only person sad to see it go was the mechanic I was using at the time.  The 456 GT probably put his son through school that year.  While not quite a supercar, a close second would have to be a BMW M5 (M39).  The engine in the one I owned must have been put together after a long afternoon at Oktoberfest.  It drank both petrol and oil at about the same alarming rate.  Its appetite for tyres was a close second to thirst for oil.  Add in a few random warning lights that had a mind of their own and this was not a relation that was going to last.

In a more positive category of “enjoyed owning” the top two would have to be the Koenigsegg and the Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona.  The Koenigsegg was always an event to drive and mine was completely reliable.  Acceleration was borderline terrifying if you really stuck your foot into it.  While not exactly the most polished car (the gear box was truly demonic), it did get huge marks in terms of being truly exotic and unique.  Somehow the whole package worked.  The Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona was the first and probably the last semi restoration project I will ever undertake.  Patience is not one of my strong points and restorations require it by the truck load.  Once we had it all sorted, the Daytona did drive nicely and epitomized classically cool.  The engine and soundtrack it produced have to be two of the best ever designed.  The Daytona was a demanding but hugely rewarding car to drive.    

On the “sorry I sold” list, the top two would have to be the Ferrari 308 GTB (fiberglass) and Mosler MT900S.  While the Mosler is not technically sold yet (it is up for sale via Simon Furlongers) mentally we have parted.  The Mosler is simply a great driver’s car.  Simple, focused, blisteringly fast, and perfectly balanced.  For just over a tenth the price, the Mosler delivered Enzo type performance.  In an era where all cars are starting to look more and more alike, there is no mistaking the Mosler for anything else.  The 308 GTB was another great driver’s car, light, agile, and thoroughly involving to drive.  It was a car that you could have huge fun in without needing to push it to silly speeds.  It also sounded terrific in a way only a carbureted 308 can.  The fiberglass 308 was a car I bonded with immediately.

While I have yet to repurchase the same model of any make twice, it is the last one on the list that has tempted me several times.


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Secret Supercar Owner at 4:55 PM December 12, 2012

Agree on the Mosler being a track monster. Cost however is a bargain when you compare to others with similar performance.

Cameron Hill at 7:08 PM December 9, 2012

Moslers are track monsters. The current models cost loads. Great blog btw.

Secret Supercar Owner at 10:12 AM December 9, 2012

The E39 M5 I had was. I understand that the thirst for oil was not an uncommon issue.

fer2367 at 4:52 AM December 9, 2012

Hi...i was thinking about getting an E39 M5. Is it really that unreliable?

pilouil at 2:59 PM December 7, 2012

Although personnally I prefer the shape of the bonnet on the 456 GT (with the air out-takes), the 456 M GT is rumoured to be significantly improved regarding reliability.

Markcoopers at 11:50 AM December 7, 2012

I keep looking at 456's and one day my heart will win....surely they can not be that bad?

pilouil at 11:54 AM December 6, 2012

To Phut: only the very first 308 GTBs had the fiberglass body and I think that unfortunately they're very rare now :( To SSO: as usually nice report - the 456 is famous for being far better to look at than to run :)

phut at 9:29 AM December 6, 2012

oh to have owned and sold any of those cars :) a 308gtb i might one day feasibly afford, so it's good to know it's among the favourites of someone so spoilt for choice.

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