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SSO: My Supercar Year in Review
December 20, 2012 6:18 AM  |  Posted By: Secret Supercar Owner
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As this will be my final Blog for 2012, I have decided to take the opportunity to recap and summarize my year with supercars.  As much as things change, at least in my garage, the core pillars remain the same. The Ferrari F40 & F50 are parked exactly where they were when the year started.  The Jaguar XJR-15 also occupies the same garage slot.  After those three, there have been quite a few changes.  A Ferrari 430 Scuderia is now nestled in between the XJR-15 and F50.  The Scuderia has been a brilliant new arrival that is always hugely engaging to drive.  My only regret now was not buying a Scuderia earlier.

The 1st half of 2012 marked the departure of the Audi A8 and Koenigsegg.  All of my friends told me I was crazy to buy the K'egg, that it would be nothing but trouble, and a hateful ownership experience.  They were all wrong.  I quite enjoyed my time with the Swedish Supercar and never had a single issue with it.  The Koenigsegg is different, it is quirky, and if you can, owning one once deserves a spot on the bucket list.  A Ferrari 612 joined the stable for a few months.  The 612 is a great GT and it would still be around if a friend had not approached me about acquiring the V12 continent crusher.  This was around the same time that we had decided to trade one of the RHD cars in for a LHD for use on the far side of the English Channel (more on this later) so parting with the 612 made sense.  The final departure of 2012 was the great Mosler MT 900S.  While my name is still technically on the V5, hopefully it will find a good new home soon. 

Cars that I came close to buying this year but did not include a Ferrari Enzo, K'egg CCXR and a Ferrari 430 Spider.  The deal on the Enzo fizzled after a discovered it had a "colorful" engine history.  Longer term the Enzo is still definitley on he bucket list.

In major Supercar news, more details have emerged on Ferrari's next limited edition Supercar and it looks like to could be another game changer.  The new Ferrari F12 is brilliant but everything I am hearing indicates that the new Enzo/F70 blows it into the weeds.  McLaren unveiled the P1 right on schedule.  From the pictures I have seen it looks hugely desirable.  I sadly missed my one opportunity to see it up close in all of its carbon fiber glory when a meeting ran long.  I did finally get a ride in the MP4-12c but still have not driven one yet.  At least test driving the 12c Spider needs to be on the 2013 “to do” list.  I am still not sold on the Porsche 918, it looks to be far too heavy on the tech and light on emotion.  Let’s hope it is closer to the Carrera GT than the 959 when development is finished.  Finally Jaguar’s new supercar project disappeared with the same lack of general interest that its initial announcement gathered.  Trying to build a million £ car around a 1.6 liter four cylinder engine was badly misguided from the start.  The good news on the Jaguar supercar front though is after 20 years, the XJ220 seems to finally getting the respect it deserves.

Going back to my earlier comment on the LHD Ferrari for use on the continent, I finally saw a few great cars last week.  I have asked to have one put through a detailed pre purchase inspection and if it passes, an offer will be put on the table shortly.  Unlikely that this is all wrapped up before January but things are now moving forward smartly.  One complication, I got an email from a good friend and serial car collector last night regarding a mint LHD McLaren 12c that will be for sale privately in the next few weeks so we now have one more unexpected option under consideration.

A very Happy Christmas to all and safe driving in 2013.


My Twitter account is @SupercarOwner . I will send out a message when the latest blog is posted.

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David_Yu at 11:58 AM January 9, 2013

Judging by initial price movements, McLaren 12Cs don't seem to hold their price very well. If you really wanted one, the longer you wait, the cheaper they'll get, whereas most of your other cars seem to be appreciating!

al3robh at 9:02 PM December 27, 2012

very Happy Christmas to all and safe driving in 2013. >>!!

Secret Supercar Owner at 8:25 PM December 23, 2012

No plans to bid on any of the Jaguar C-X75 mules. Given that the car never went into production, these are really only museum piece that you would not be able to really drive and enjoy. Support, maintenance and spare parts will all be difficult to non-existent within a couple of years. I would also be very concerned as to how developed the car is at this point.

RobYob at 5:08 PM December 23, 2012

I think you're a bit unfair to the CX-75 it's an absolute shame it got canned. A stunning object, maybe as pretty as the XJR-15? It'd be a close call. Further, whereas Porsche, McLaren and Ferrari's implementation of a hybrid supercar was to stick with a relatively large conventional engine, Jaguar should be praised for trying to shift the supercar paradigm. 20years ahead of its time maybe... SSO not going to make a bid for one of the mules up for grabs? ;-) Thanks for blogging, Look forward to reading more in 2013.

Trevor M at 10:50 PM December 21, 2012

Have to agree with the Porsche 918 being too heavy (tech and weight). In fact, if they dropped the electric nonsense and with it 1000 pounds, it would be the most exciting new car of 2013. Even if the RS LeMans spyder-based V8 put out what it does now, the power to weight ratio would be higher than the Carrera GT or the GT2 RS. And what if they focused on jumping it up 50 hp? It would be an electrifying automobile if you took out the electricity. And Porsche really doesn't need it to meet some silly arbitrary EU goal, as they have the upcoming mini-SUV that's going to swell the corporate KPL average. It's folly, but not on the same level of folly as a 4 banger Jaguar supercar, thank goodness.

pilouil at 3:00 PM December 20, 2012

Nice read again - now I'm looking forward to the next arrival... Merry Christmas.

whaddon at 11:36 AM December 20, 2012

Excellent read yet again. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you and your family.

AndyB at 7:54 AM December 20, 2012

Go for the 12c, its really the prefect car for what you would use it for and a good fit given what cars you already have. Merry Christams and catch up in the new year.

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