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Schumacher's move on Barrichello made headlines in Hungary. We weren't surprised. Here's some previous dodgy stuff, most of which he got away with...

First his move on Villeneuve in Jerez in 1997. This didn't work, but of course he'd already won a world championship by doing the same to Damon Hill three years before.

Montreal 1998. Gets away with this, but white pit lane exit lines are introduced to stop him trying it again.

Monaco qualifying

Nurburgring 2001 - Even his brother is shown no mercy at the start

Spa 2000. Almost sticks Hakkinen on the grass - the Finn gets his revenge a lap later

This wasn't his first run in with Hakkinen - check out Macau 1990

And finally, if you want to know what Coulthard thinks of of all this Micky taking look no further than this...


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Dr John at 12:25 AM August 17, 2010

Roger, you can be no fan of Schumacher, but what did Schumi wrong with Coulthard in Magny Cours or Hakkinen in Macau? I can see no harm in the Spa race as well, so what's your point? Ofcourse, the move into Villeneuve is well known and Schumi has been punished for it. But Senna was also known to be vengeful when passed. Furthermore I don't understand that Jacque Villeneuve ever dares to complain about reckless driving. It was his reckless action in Australia, crashing into Ralf Schumacher, that killed a helper at the side of the track. SAme goes for Frentzen in Monza. That gigantic wreckage almost killed Barrichello too, because a F1 cockpit does not protect you against a F1 car landing vertically. Nevertheless, I must say I totally disliked what he did to Barrichello on the Hungaroring this year, He should have been immediately black-flagged for that.

V6UFO at 7:14 PM August 12, 2010

That Monaco qualifying "mistake" is one of Michaels finest... I do not want to know what a racing driver like Ayrton Senna would have done if some of these manouveres had been made to him :D

BlackPrince at 6:45 PM August 12, 2010

Whizzo - I realize that as we get older our reaction times decrease, but something has to be said for experience as well, and Schumacher has plenty of that. He's been a safe (by results if not intent) driver so far so I don't see what the issue is. That sort of thinking is behind plans to ban the IOM TT, and to street circuits in F1 and frankly, there is no place for it in motorsport. Don't get me wrong, safety is important, but if anyone thinks they can decrease the risk of injury or death to zero they are in the wrong place.

Whizzo at 10:18 AM August 12, 2010

B-P and X, I see what you're both getting at: wait until Schumacher's recklessness kills someone and then get upset about it. Nice.

xeviuus at 12:43 PM August 11, 2010

i just don't see point of all this. so who died? i'm not a fan of schumacher either. but he did win 7 championship. (cheating or no cheating) and he didn't kill anyone doing it. so until he does i think everyone can cool off little bit.

BlackPrince at 11:21 AM August 11, 2010

Blah blah other drivers' lives at risks w/eva. I'm sorry but F1 just isn't very dangerous in the world of motorsport. Yes I know that Massa was almost killed but thats a once in a lifetime thing, along w/ Henry Surtees, RIP which wasn't even F1 anyway. F1 doesn't begin to compare to the dangers that WRC drivers face, or bike racers on most circuits let alone the creme de la creme of gutsy giant-testicled racers: TT riders. Its probably more dangerous than say, knitting, granted. But in F1 you're less likely to be killed than say cycling in London or motorcycling of course. Anyway, Schumi is just a balls out competitive guy and until he injures or kills someone I give him the benefit of the doubt. Its sad that F1 attracts nancy-boy fans rather than real fan of the blood and guts of racing (not literaly of course). To paraphrase a great racer about daredevil borderline-dangerous tactics, "sorry, but that eez the raceeng."

Whizzo at 8:50 AM August 11, 2010

Schumacher is a cheat and always has been a cheat. He was a cheat when he had some ability and he is still a cheat now that he has none. Even when swanning about in the minor places he is still prepared to put other drivers' lives at risk, as we saw the other day. The only good thing I can say about the man is that he hasn't killed anyone ........ yet. Why on earth he returned to the sport I do not know, as this season's racing has shown us just how exciting F1 is without him anywhere near the top places. Motor racing will be all the better for his final retirement, and I'll bet that Ferrari are drawing up the papers right now.

schumachergirl1956 at 6:05 AM August 10, 2010

I think you all are hypcritics what gives you the right to call Michael a cheater, scrumbag etc and such like, i have enjoyed watching him race and i have found him a very warmed hearted guy, if you think that you are smarter than him go ahead, you can't because you haven't got it in you. if he was hopeless he wouldn't of got 7 world titles, while you call him spiteful names look at yourself and tell me if you think you are wiser or better than him, you have to be ruthless on a GP circuit or otherwise if your a big softy all the other drivers will walk over you. This does not give you the right to be judges over his games. if you have the courage in which none of you have, you wont dare say these ulgy names to his face because you know what you will get, If Murray Walker likes him and he isnt anti german like you all so why should you be difference, the trouble is your anti german has if a english driver done these so called ugly moves Michael is suppose to have done you keep quiet .

Necx0 at 2:13 AM August 10, 2010

James Allen's view on this is that Schumacher came from a different era to the current generation. It is to the detriment of his reputation (but not his results) that he was unable, and it seems is still unable to let go of the notion that putting your opponents in life threatening situations is not ok. What he did to Barrichello is no worse than what Senna did to Prost on occasion, it's just that there is a different set of standards these days. Another thing to consider is that although he could produce superhuman individual performances regularly, put him in a tight spot and he often folded. In scenarios that require an instant decision with no thought process Schumacher regularly made the wrong call. See Jerez 1997, Monaco 2006, Hungary 2010.

BlackPrince at 8:18 PM August 7, 2010

PoliceEvo, who was the first God then?

PoliceEvoOwnerniser at 5:59 PM August 7, 2010

Within the confines of F1, there are three types of people: the phenomenon, the brave man and the brave woman. Schumacher is the phenomenon, as was Senna; Barrichello, for instance, is the woman; and the majority of the rest are merely men or very fast men. It staggers me that the women watching these videos don't marvel at the other-worldliness of Schumacher's fusion of sheer determination and sublime talent. Instead they carp about this greatest exponent of a sport - a commercial, political, physical and mental war - that they simply don't understand. When we set aside the antiquated pre-eminence of Fangio and the bumbling Moss, then Schumacher is, and always will be, only the second God to grace the Grand Prix track.

BlackPrince at 5:45 PM August 7, 2010

Moss wasn't very good to begin with and to hear someone who isn't on a top 5 of all time list talk sh!t about a current racer who is 100x more successful than he is, is ridiculous! Actually I somehow doubt that Schumi would have lasted only "half a season" Dvo. You guys overestimate how dangerous racing really was 50 odd years ago, the racers were still surrounded by a steel cage after all!!!

Dvo at 4:13 PM August 7, 2010

Bringing Moss into the argument is a good thing...he has always been fond of pointing out that in his day the 'dirty' drivers didn't live very long or were sorted out by the other guys. In his day touching another car meant having a very bad accident, probably a fatal one. As the sport has gotten safer the driving standards have gone south. Imagine Schumacher trying his intimidation moves in a car with no crash structur4es, seat belts, or fuel cells. He wouldn't have lasted half a season.

blasos at 1:30 PM August 7, 2010

Schumacher would dwarf Senna in a race: Senna: Poles: 65 Wins: 41 Schu : Poles: 68 Wins: 91 Senna was good at quali, but unfortunately, this is racing. Schumacher is the best racer, time trials don't put points on the board and only requires a certain type of skill. Racing requires a more rounded driver, which Schumacher obviously is. People's perception of Senna has led to his blatant cheating and risking of others' lives being overlooked. Hey Roger, are you suggesting that Schuey goes the Stirling Moss 'Mr Nice Guy' route and becomes the greatest loser of all time? Never a champion? But the public love him for his skill and sportsmanship? Yeah, public perception is what counts for people like Roger Green and Stirling Moss. What people tell you is important. Reality is not important for Moss or you.

exiges at 12:04 PM August 7, 2010

Good guys finish last. Records will show him as a 7 times winner, not as someone who had dodgy moves. The difference between Senna + Schumacher is Senna died.

BlackPrince at 9:26 AM August 7, 2010

Schumacher is just an aggressive driver who brought interest to a previously boring F1. Motorsports are supposd to be dangerous, and oftentimes, the more dangerous the more interesting they are. Schumacher is a nutter in the most flattering sense, and wants to win at all costs. Ultimately, motorsports is entertainment and Schumi made previously-boring F1 interesting and entertaining.

Armish at 7:22 AM August 7, 2010

I agree Suzuka was a pretty blatant move, but you can't tell me Prost didn't know Senna was going to have a go down the inside. Prost knew Senna's style well, and he gave as good as he got.

pelican at 6:10 AM August 7, 2010

I am NOT a Michael fan. However please do not suggest that Senna "respected the other drivers space". When Senna ran Prost off the track in Japan at such a high speed he could have killed them both. So I'm sorry but I am having a hard time seeing any sainthood with Senna either. Also I think we can easily find a "clip" of that!

Armish at 3:29 AM August 7, 2010

It's interesting seeing people elsewhere compare Schumacher to Senna and draw parallels between their aggressive driving styles. For me their is one massive difference - Senna respected the other driver's space on the road.

Roger Green at 3:22 PM August 6, 2010

Very true. I couldn't find a clip of that. There are just too many to choose from.

Dvo at 3:02 PM August 6, 2010

Don't forget about Silverstone 2003 when Michael forced Alonso onto the grass into Stowe on the first lap. Very nasty bit of driving.

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