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Not doing much.
24 Mar 09
a while ago

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Rich B - 15 Feb 12:17 PM Lol
mik - 15 Feb 12:14 PM
Rich - I find you one of the most aggressive and obnoxious posters on this forum. Congratulations on this achievement. PS your "R1CHB" reggie plate is rubbish.
_Tim_ - 15 Feb 12:13 PM
What about Hipsters?
Rich B - 15 Feb 11:59 AM
this is the new general forum location. No vegans please.
_Tim_ - 15 Feb 11:55 AM
Rich please stop self-aggrandising in your avatars. £8k M3s are not all that. FFS.
duncs500 - 15 Feb 11:52 AM
LOL RBG0wn3d
actionproductions - 19 Jan 12:48 PM
Hi Rich, thanks for the comment - would you be able to send over any pictures? Also, are you London-based? Cheers, Misha
themacanderson - 24 Aug 11:19 PM
Thanks - I've added you to the list and you should receive a notification in the next few days. I'd appreciate any feedback you might have on the app, whether you enjoy it, hate it, think it's a good idea or a bad idea.
FRS100 - 20 May 12:18 AM
Hi Rich, this is Steve Mead. I posted earlier about 80-120 times, and I really didn't appreciate or understand your hostility. Hoped for better in what is a great forum. Look forward to hearing from you, Steve

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