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April 12, 2013 7:06 PM  |  Posted By: Matthew Hayward
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Lotus Elan Turbo SE

The M100 Elan has always been a favourite of mine for some time. The idea of a front-wheel drive Lotus, or even sports car, doesn’t sit too well with a lot of enthusiasts but I've never had an issue with the concept. What Lotus did with the Elan was create a simple, low-power and lightweight roadster – the result of which is simply one of sweetest handling front-drivers of all time. A shame they never followed it up really, and the first front-wheel-drive Lotus would also be the last...

It was offered with a choice of either 130bhp normally-aspirated or 165bhp turbocharged 1.6 four-cylinder engines, both from Japanese manufacturer Isuzu. The truth of the matter is that nearly all of them were the full-fat Turbo SE versions. Okay, it’s not particularly powerful, but with a 0-60mph time of 6.5 seconds it’s hardly a slouch.

While browsing, I came across one of the cleanest examples of the breed that I’ve seen for a while from Lotus specialists Silverlink. This white example comes with a modest 46,899 miles, one owner from new and a full Lotus dealer service history. What more could you ask for?

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Lotus Elan Turbo SE

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Alligns at 6:42 PM July 9, 2013

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alib8815 at 4:40 AM May 29, 2013

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LAX at 4:34 PM April 24, 2013

Lotus should be sold to a brand that knows what quality is about.

ST270 at 4:14 PM April 19, 2013

My old man had one of these a couple of years ago for weekends - S2 Azure Blue with Cream leather - looked fantastic. They handle like not much else and you can hustle them into bends at speed without fuss. He has an S2000 now and as much as that is faster in a straight line I would say the Lotus will be faster on a B road blast simply due to the confidence it inspires! Great cars (if a little small for anyone over 6ft!)

Gavin at 5:29 PM April 18, 2013

A friend had a red one and the loom melted. He did love it though.

pilouil at 2:33 PM April 13, 2013

The risk of chosing the second best FWD Lotus is very limited...

Focus69 at 7:20 PM April 12, 2013

I've always had a soft soot for these. I'd love one, but I'd regret not having bought an Elise instead.

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