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Nissan GT-R

Reading the recent evo Nissan GT-R buying guide really got me thinking about how much I respect the GT-R, and once again highlighted the fact that such a performance weapon is now available for a sensible amount of money on the second hand market.  

Early GT-Rs generally start for around £35k, and this Black Edition, offered by Darren Allick Cars via evo Cars for Sale, could be yours for £39,995. Consider that the current list price for a new GT-R is around £75k, and buying used really starts to make sense.

The fact it is a Black Edition means it comes with a decent spec, and this particular has been fitted with a couple of upgrades. The carbon fibre bodykit, quite a nice subtle upgrade, apparently cost £5000 - but like most modifications adds little to the resale value. Also mentioned is a Miltec Y Pipe, which is a well-known GT-R exhaust upgrade, which gives the twin-turbo V6 a much more sonorous exhaust note.

It’s a 2009 car, which means it would have left the factory with approximately 485bhp. Hardly inadequate, but there is always the option of an ECU remap from a GT-R specialist, such as Litchfield Imports, which will bring any older GT-R upto speed with the latest models. Of course, this is just the beginning – there’s a thriving tuning scene for the GT-R, perfect for those who like to modify and upgrade their cars.

With 21,000 miles on the clock, it’s relatively low mileage, and thankfully the GT-R lives up to Nissan’s fantastic reliability standards. The car has got the all-important full service record, and looks to have been well cared for. 

The GT-R is one of those cars that causes arguments within performance car communities and online forums – and it usually revolves around which is better: the GT-R or Porsche 911? In the end it will always come down to personal preference, but for sheer ground-covering pace, the Nissan certainly looks unbeatable on paper. Perhaps a 997 Turbo?

If you want to look for your own dream performance car then check out evo Cars for Sale here, or click on the 'Cars for Sale' tab anywhere on the site. You can see the original listing for the Nissan GT-R here

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ksumner37 at 6:52 PM March 13, 2013

I bought my R35 in 2010 after selling my 997 C2S & RS4 B7. I am still in love with it, every drive I look forward to. For those that won't modify, you will sadly be missing out on uncovering an even greater car and one that you could not possibly envisage selling. I started (after 6 months of staying stock) with a Y-pipe and Litchfield Stage 1 and over the last 3 years have progressively modified. The nice thing about the GT-R is it's so modifiable, it's like going to the Pick & Mix counter and choosing what you want next. I'm now at Litchfield Stage 4 and have just added the downpipes; the resulting noise is extremely addictive and adds more drama to the drive as well as releasing a few more horses. The result is more than you'll ever need for the road; it's massively powerful and never fails to make me laugh. I don't feel the need to go any further than Stage 4.

moochofun at 1:24 PM March 13, 2013

Well 11 days after my previous post about being in a predicament of what to buy next, I was handed the keys to my 'new' MY11 Nissan GTR. Have to say I've loved every minute of it so far. On Voodude's comments, I do plan on keeping my car standard, I like the idea of tuning but to be honest for me it has more than enough power and torque to be getting on with. The only thing I might be tempted with is a Litchfield stage 1 - y-pipe and remap as the sound that comes from it isn't nearly as good as it should be - still sounds lovely though. Its an incedibly fast and versatile machine. The 500 mile trip home was fine and I got out feeling just as fine as I did in the journey down in the soon to be exchanged Range Rover - how's that for comfort? Costs wise, I've found insurance to be cheaper than my E39 M5 at £468 but then I'm using all my NCB on the GTR... Tyres have just been replaced so I'm looking forward to a reasonably cheap first year...

Voodude at 12:29 AM March 13, 2013

It'd be nice to get an idea of running costs if you just had an unmodified, standard GT-R and used it for road use only, no track shenanigans. Can you keep servicing / parts etc. costs down via specialists like Litchfield or Abbey motorsports etc.? What kind of £ are we talking?Every long term report or buying guide seems to veer off into talking about upgrades or track incurred costs, blurring what using a stock GT-R purely as an everyday driver on the road would cost.Do all GR-r's end up modified or tracked? Surely some are unmodified and used as everyday cars alone? If so it'd be useful if someone could post up 'normal' use costs and experiences so we have an idea. I've looked online but only find American owners experiences .

mbk72 at 7:08 PM February 22, 2013

The spectre of the GTR haunts every other car I look at buying. Once you get to the plus £50K category it has to be a serious consideration. So far I've managed to convince myself I don't need that much go for everyday use.

mmm281664 at 3:05 PM February 21, 2013

I had a GTR as a daily driver for 3 years, just swapped it for a new C63amg coupe.The GTR is about as fast as you can get on the road with out spending over 100k. nothing ever out ran me including Lambos, Ferraris and my mates Mclaren. Great to use every day in all weathers... Downside costly to run, tyres, service, fuel etc are expensive to say the least. A few other things i didn't like about the GTR was the sound, there wasn't any, and slow speed ride could be uncomfortable. :( Also my new girlfriend wasn't impressed when i told here i drove a Nissan, a drive on a long country road shut her up though :)Upside even after 3 years of driving it i still looked forward to getting in it every morning, and it still could scare me! And that warm feeling that nearly anything could pull up along aside you at the lights and you would beat it off the line, including motor bikes, which they dont like !

moochofun at 8:53 AM February 17, 2013

This is my current predicament (nice place to be!) - do I go for the performance 'bargain' that is the GTR or something with more of an accepted pedigree like a 997GT3 or F430. Used Audi V10 R8's and AM V12 Vantage's/DBS's are also starting to come into the same price range... I really am torn between the stonking performance of the GTR vs the lure of the pedigree of the junior supercars... My cousins like to put it into laymans terms and say that which one would you rather be in outside a nightclub...that puts it into the F430/GT3/AMV12 region but then again I kow that at the next set of lights/A-road I would be trailing far behind. My old boy has a DB9 and lets me drive it on occasions - love the experience even though it doesn't set my hair on fire with its performance. I can maybe accept that as its more in the GT sector of the market. Would I be able to accept the same if I was in a F430/GT3/AMV12... Ah the pain and anguish these cars cause me and I don't even own one....yet!

Samoht at 1:06 PM February 12, 2013

I've gone back and forth on the R35, for a while it was my aspirational car, but more recently I'm tempted by something a bit lighter than ~1700kgs. Still deeply respect it, though, and it is tempting.

whaddon at 1:16 PM February 11, 2013

decent article, personally it would be the 911 all the way but I wouldnt say no to a GTR!!

Cameron Hill at 2:48 PM February 9, 2013

nice read! the gtr will always be better than the 911 imo, porsches have never really appealed to me. why is this only 1 star?

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