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Winter comes around every year bringing with it cold wet weather resulting in poor visibility, dark evenings, rain and spray from other vehicles.  Our paint also has to contend with road salt, water and dirt on the roads.  The interior takes a beating as well from dirt and water coming into the cabin on our shoes, leather dries out and can crack due to the added heating and use of air con.  Lastly the rubber door seals can perish or split in the cold.  It’s a big tale of woe but if we prepare we can combat the harmful effects of the winter months so they don’t have as bad an effect on us and our cars.  So how do we prepare a car for winter, what are the best products to use for winter protection for our vehicles?  Read on and I’ll break these down!

 Exterior Glass

Tires are arguably the most important safety aspect of a vehicle as their rolling surface is the only thing that’s in contact with the road.  After this I think that the windscreen is one of the next most important feature as you need to have good visibility in order to drive and not have an accident.  The winter brings dark evenings, low light levels generally and decreased visibility due to rain and spray.  What if I told you there is a coating that will greatly improve your wet weather vision thereby making it safer to drive, it also increases the life of your wiper blades and impedes frost forming on the glass!  You can get a ceramic coating for glass that will do all this.  It’s very hydrophobic and forces the water to sit in beads which the wind speed carries of the screen negating the use of wipers.  As the water is sitting in beads and not a puddle it allows you to see out better.  Choose from Gyeon View, Cancoat or Gtechniq G1 etc. my favorite being Cancoat for the price and function, as it will coat glass plastic and paint.


Our paint takes the lion’s share of what’s on the roads and most of it ends up stuck to the paint.  Salt water will corrode more quickly than fresh water as it is a better conductor of electrons.  Also mud will hold water and keep the area damp so needs to be washed off.  Both of these issues can be corrected through regular safe washing paying particular attention to the wheel arches and chassis, but you are doing that anyway?  If not read our safe washing guide.  There are a number of cost effective ways to protect your paint over the winter, in no particular order.  Ceramic coatings, Collonite wax, klasse or Geoff Werkstatt sealants.  All these products provide excellent durability and protection for the winter months, with the exception of the ceramic coatings they are easy to apply and require no specialist skills or knowledge.


As has already been said the interior can take a beating as well with the damp, moisture on people’s feet, wet clothing etc. will result in condensation forming, which you then blast with the heater/air con which dries out your leather, and the rubber seals can freeze and crack.  But with the use of some products you can make sure your interior stays fresh and clean.  To protect your seals use 303 Aerospace Protectant, this is an excellent dressing it also protects against UV damage and leaves a nice matt finish, it is excellent for your dash.  Meguiars do a matt dash and Gtechniq also do a coating for the dash but 303 is my favorite.  Modern leather isn’t cured and coloured the way it used to be, read our leather guide for more information.  My go to leather products are from dodo and LTT to keep it clean and stop it drying out, if yours has already cracked it can be restored, get in touch for a quote.  If you want you can treat your fabric with a coating to repel water e.g. Gtechniq l1 fabric or Gyeon Q2 fabric both of which do the job.


There are a number of products some easier than others to apply that will protect the interior and exterior against the winter weather.  These products mentioned above are hard wearing and durable and able to protect against road salt and other damage.  Don’t neglect this area of car care, protect your car now before the weather gets worse.  If you would rather we do it for you please get in touch for a quote, we are more than happy to help you with advice on products and how to apply them.

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