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After a week-long teasing, Land Rover has finally uncovered its brand new Range Rover Velar at a ritzy event at the London Design Museum. The Velar is a luxury mid-size crossover SUV positioned between Range Rover Evoque and Sport in the company’s line-up. Following the success of the new Discovery earlier this year and the smaller Evoque, it seems that Land Rover struck gold. If you decide to ignore your savings account just for a moment, lets’ check out why you need the new Velar.  

Should I get…?

Imagine you stumble upon a spare $70k - $80k. Do you buy a top-spec Evoque or more basic Sport? Luckily, you don’t have to make that decision anymore. It won’t be far-fetched to say that the Velar takes the best of both worlds. It has more usable space than the Evoque, but is smaller and easier to park than the Sport. And the gap which it fills between those two earlier models is quite big. The Evoque is too small for a practical family car, and the Range Rover Sport is a big seven-seated tourer.

Breathtaking design

With a beautiful balance between futuristic and classic lines, the new Range Rover Velar commands respect. Its large 22-inch alloy wheels, the rounded sleek rear and the sporty rear windscreen give it a powerful and a bit intimidating, yet elegant, pose. Continuing the trend of Tesla and other futuristic cars, the Velar’s door handles lie flush with the body until you need them. Aside from adding to the slickness of design, this feature also reduces drag on the vehicle, improving fuel efficiency. Actually, the Velar is the most aerodynamically-efficient Land Rover ever made. If this is how Land Rover of the future looks, we give it thumbs up.


Stunning interior

The futuristic exterior look of the Velar flows into the interior, too. The central horizontal section runs as usual with a wide band across the middle of the dash. Below it, there’s a flat touchscreen that operates everything from heater controls to your sound system or driving modes. Depending on the screen main menu, the two rotary controls also change their use. Everything works surprisingly well, and the controls are intuitive, even on the move. This layout gives the dashboard a clean and uncluttered look that matches the streamlined outside.

Turbocharged rumble

Under the bonnet, you can choose among three turbocharged petrol and diesel engines. Despite the recent fear-mongering, the diesels are sure to account for the bulk of the sales with their 2.0-litre unit with 180bhp and 240bhp, and the flagship 3.0-litre V6 with 300bhp. The 3.0-litre boasts impressive acceleration and top speed: it can go from 0 to 60mph in 6.1 seconds and reach 150mph. Of course, it falls short of the top-spec JLR’s 380bhp supercharged V6 petrol that propels this green oval powerhouse from 0-60mph in just 5.3 seconds.  

Sustainable materials

Unlike past Range Rover interiors that relied heavily on leather, metal and wood, the Velar heralds a slight variation from the tradition. Instead, it is the first model to feature a new sustainable material, called Suedecloth. Its fibres are made from recycled plastic bottles, pressed into a textured non-woven material that resembles suede. The Premium Textile Pack consists of a Dapple Grey wool-blend textile with a Suedecloth insert available in Light Oyster or Ebony.

With the Velar, Land Rover has expanded its Range Rover line to now include four models that look and feel very different to one another and appeal to different segments of the market. If we take a quick look on the success of its competitors like Audi Q5. Volvo XC60, Mercedes GLC and the sport-bred Porsche Macan, we realize the level of sales that Land Rover has been missing out.


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