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Enjoying seeing a new car on the driveway
24 Mar 09
a while ago
BMW 330d Sport E46 
See above; in my dreams it's finished... 

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sidewayssam - 08 Jan 10:31 PM
hi john,when will your capri ever be complete!i remember when you first got it,and the idea was to race dicki in his fireblade long ago....i just happended to see jethro bovindons vid for car and driver on the RUF ctr..brought back memories...,did you keep the vids i sent you from 1996? i have posted them on youtube,and there apparently well liked,and wondered if you could point jethro in the right to this i have mate that might be usefull to you,but is after some p.r. he runs he is friends with Petter Solberg,and using some of his car next year.Would you be interested in doing an article?It might be possible for you to do something with petter,and perhaps have a go in his rally cars.I cannot promise anything but can certainly put you in contact.Many thanks Tim Kelly ,the man who made you the largest rolly with no weed in it!lol
Anonymous - 07 Feb 10:07 PM
How much fuel was in the 458 when you weiged it?
Andy Ruttox - 29 Jul 04:42 PM
re your getting to grips with the DCT box on the new M3, I had and still have some of the same misgivings. The best set up I've found is to set the traction control to MDM mode and turn up the gear shifts to the fastest setting. Not brave enough to completely switch out the traction control, especially after drining an RS4 for a few years. Unless the traction control is in MDM mode or off, there is a minute delay in 'take off' when driving in a spirited manner! im looking forward to hearing how you get on.
Anonymous - 27 Jul 09:39 AM
Agreed! Did a nice 180 in the [empty] car park this morning before reversing into my space....never managed that in my RS4 (0:
John Barker - 26 Jul 03:11 PM
I think that's a fair comment. I think day-to-day, you feel more connected with the RS4. It's not a tail-out sort of car. Like the M3 it delivers power at the top end rather than torque low down/mid, so there isn't as much potential anyhow. This can be the frustration with the M3, the fact that all the power is up high and the grip so great, the best opportunities to slide the tail mostly come in the wet.
Andy Ruttox - 25 Jul 03:07 PM
I've owned a V8 RS4 saloon for 2 years and I now have an M3 V8 Coupe. It's taken me a while to fall in love with the M3 after the instant and still very appealing RS4 buzz. On balance I'd say that if you want to get side ways or feel the more finely honed balance then go for an M3. If you want the fastest road car then go for the RS4.
RSX Boy - 25 Jul 09:34 AM
Many Thanks. Could you play with the back end or is the RS4 too Audi'ish for that ? My concern is that I will get bored of the Audi soon as I am used to an EVO6 RSX which you could play with all day ...... I cant tell after small meaningless test drives. You get to have long periods in cars so your views are of much interest to me. I will loose a large £ in depreciation, so i dont want to end up thinking 3 months in...its not for me !!!!! When are you in Wales (Triangle) next ? ....Be nice to meet you guys and see how you work the road tests. All the best, Mark.
John Barker - 22 Jul 10:14 AM
For pure road use, I got more out of the RS4. Still hanker after one. It was also awesome at the Nurburgring. M3 scores on more conventional tracks but overall, I'd have the Audi.
RSX Boy - 21 Jul 05:37 PM
Cant aford a new one. 2007 M3 V8 or RS4 ? Which would have as your own car ?
Andy Ruttox - 10 Jun 01:30 PM
Anorak question for you John; has anyone at Evo checked the lap time of the M3 'Edition' versus the standard M3 coupe? Im curious if the set up improves the lap time round your circuit. Cheers
John Barker - 28 May 04:49 PM
New M3 Competition. Yum...
timevans100 - 27 May 01:30 PM
John I don't supose you could explain what a limit slip differential is could you as I don't understand what it's benefits are? Thanks
RSX Boy - 18 May 07:48 PM
Which M ? Hopefully an M3 as my Evo blew up a month ago and one of the replacements in the mix is a V8 M3. Nice to see how you get on with it. Also like the RS4...... Which would you prefer for the "own car" ?
John Barker - 18 May 04:39 PM
Sometimes happens this way. Not long to wait now, though... only until Thursday, in fact. I'll give you a clue as to what it is: colour is frozen grey.
RSX Boy - 15 May 06:40 AM
How come no long termer at the mo John ???

N24 Part 5

June 26, 2011 1:29 PM | Posted By: John Barker
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N24 Part 3

June 25, 2011 9:04 PM | Posted By: John Barker
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10.00 Well, just done my first stint in the car and I'm a lot happier. Now know what it's doing and have got used to guiding it calmly at speed (though I'm still not flat in places where I know I... [more]

N24 Part 2

June 25, 2011 11:34 AM | Posted By: John Barker
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Race day, 11:00: It's chucking it down. Chris Harris is heading out with a gazillion other Carrera Cup racers for the World Cup race. Good luck for that. Rather selfishly, I'm hoping that the weather... [more]

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    N24 Diary Part 1   Arrived on Wednesday for signing on and equipment checks. The two Audi Race Experience R8 LMSs look awesome, and very stealthy which, we hope, is what they... [more]
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