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24 Mar 09
a while ago
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Anonymous - 26 Aug 12:51 PM
I was reading old Performance Car magazine, old Powerbrokers story about TVR with Peter Wheeler interview. Then there was this third opinion about Cerbera, Harry wishing he had access to one. Now those are cheap, it could almost fill the hole left by Zonda. TVRPower makes them quite reliable nowadays and there are plenty of mods to choose from too. You know, you have to.
Anonymous - 19 Aug 10:14 PM
More photos in your albums please, what little there are are great!
Barry87 - 20 Jun 12:45 AM
Hi Harry. Thanks for being such a legend. You are a mans man. I am very interested in meeting you a chatting about things during Pebble Beach this year. I have access to the Historic races because my uncle will be driving his original DB5 there. I also will be going to the Concourse d' Elegance. I am very interested in going to Quail. Is there any way you have access to an extra ticket or two? If so let me know. I will make it worth your while! Thank you for you time.
Christie - 10 Aug 06:30 PM
Harry, any chance of bringing your Zonda to Bedford on the 24th?
jambondrums - 03 Jun 04:19 PM
Harry, were you at Autoitalia day at Brooklands on the 5th May? I was convinced I saw you driving a 550 maranello!
thr998 - 19 May 09:31 AM
i find it pretty strange how you dont youse all your money on just one big supercar but many small fun ones.
Anonymous - 13 Jun 09:57 PM
Hi Harry, the video of your Mille Miglia is on its way (team 558)
Anonymous - 08 Jun 06:20 AM
Harry, got you in Maranello at the Mille Miglia a couple of weeks ago! http://img127.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=476754714_Ferrari550Barchetta478_122_555lo.jpg
Spartan1-6 - 23 May 04:10 AM
Harry.. great vid of you at the Keonzigger factory (however you say it..).. don't suppose you could let me know the superb sublime beat track you had playing as background to your clip - sounded superb and suited well..! Thanks.
Anonymous - 27 Apr 08:25 PM
impreza wingage...no I don't work for them but I think it will probably tick the right boxes! http://bbs.scoobynet.com/members-gallery-5/884328-htautos-new-products.html
Miltos712 - 23 Mar 08:38 PM
Hello Harry! Please check your inbox in respect to the Hellenic Motor Museum that opened recently in Athens. Thanks!
DuncanM - 11 Mar 09:56 PM
Hello Harry, I am just writing to say that the quality of your columns have been superb lately and bang on target with this reader. I can't think of a truer petrolhead than your good self. Regards Duncan
Tuure Turunen - 09 Feb 12:43 PM
Your road trip with Countach was very inspiring to read. It's nice to read that at least some of the old beasts are driven the way they are meant to :) Bad thing about the article is, that it makes me want to trade my Sti to something more stupid, like an Lotus Esprit turbo, or Alpine GTA.. we have long winters here, so that would make no sense.. btw. heard that Lotus will do their winter testing here in Kuusamo..
GQoHyEA - 01 Feb 11:07 PM
do you still have the Lotus 340R? Could you do a post about all the cars you actually own? I'd really like to know what you spent your own money on and why because I thoroughly enjoy your writing and the few car choices that everybody knows (i.e. Zonda)
nicmonaco - 18 Aug 07:10 AM
Hi Harry Full respect for to you for buying a Zonda. I wanted to ask you - is it possible to run it without all money for other cars draining away, OR without wanting to upgrade to the latest Zonda EG Cinque or the 'R' (this would perhaps be a bigger money drain?!) The engine sounds like no other. Why dont you organise a trip to the factory for EVO readers - it could give him publicity and I woudl be interested to come along. Anyway keep up the great work, and keep driving! Nic Barrow Milton Keynes (City Of Roundabouts)
JamesAsh - 27 Jul 11:56 AM
Just thought you chaps should know there's some serious EVO-love going on over on Jalopnik today: http://jalopnik.com/5572451/a-stack-of-evo-magazines-makes-for-splendid-home-decor
ALC 63 - 16 Jun 02:33 PM
As an enthusiast Lotus fan I bow to your garage - especially to the 340R and the Elan, top cars indeed. Ciao ALC
lowflyer - 15 May 12:51 PM
Hi Harry - great mag, I've been a subscriber for years. I was wondering as an owner of a large fleet I know you have a fleet insurance policy. Do you have any recommendations for a private fleet insurance to cover 4+ cars ranging from an A class to Porsche and Caterham? Many thanks for your time. Andy.
Anonymous - 22 Apr 06:46 PM
hello daddy!!!!!!!x
Anonymous - 16 Apr 06:40 PM
Tre Colori - 10 Mar 03:06 PM
Harry. Why is your dream car (Tesla) not in your garage yet ?
Anonymous - 15 Feb 12:18 PM
hi mr harry, because the ultima gtr there isn't in ecoty????
davec - 27 Mar 01:44 PM
Sir Harry, how come you have no friends? ;-) It's just the rest of the team have plenty ...

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