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I've just noticed that it's been a whopping 4 issues since my last behind the scenes blog, it's been a fairly busy few months for me, here's what we got up to.

First up some pics from ecoty:

Pagani V Lotus at sunset

Jethro in the 12C



We were joined by  a pair of fighter jets for the first day of our Scotland trip:

We caused quite a bit of mayhem in Kelso, the cars needing regular fill ups.

Along with myself....

And Harry...

Jethro does the worst 'Pob' impression ever.

Only one exhaust open for warm up procedures.

Dobie in 'looking like an idiot' shocker.

Me setting up a camera on the Black (it was FREEZING!).

Jethro might look like a bog brush but he was warm, apparently.  

The correct attire for driving your Morgan 3-wheeler, as demonstrated by fashion guru Jethro.

Isn't it funny how nobody would drive the 6hr journey back to evo towers in one of its best cars? Even more surprising was that it had a drinks holder, and it worked!

Henry squeezes into one of the ex F1 cars at Rob Austins.

Here's Rob's dog 'Cujo', do you think he wants to play fetch?

Talking of dogs, I spotted this little critter on Henrys Lp550-2 trip through Italy.

Strike a pose, VOGUE!

Orvietto was beautiful.


Look what we found....

We ended the trip at the Lamborghini musuem.



Bella Miura

This was so cool in the metal, they need to make this a reality.

Fabulous Lamborghini ad.

Obligatory holiday snap...

This belonged to the hotel owner....

The autmnul colours on the German/Austria border were vibrant, the GT Speed blended in perfectly.

Henry has a unqiue way of informing you you're taking too long....

I won't be forgetting Tour Brittania in a while, below was one of my favourite cars of the trip mixing it up on the motorway.

A beautiful car deserves a beautiful sunrise..


Until next time...

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theotherkenneth at 3:23 AM December 18, 2012

Whatever happened to the series of evo desktop wallpapers? Can we bring that back? Just got an iPad for combined birthday/Christmas and it sure could do with some pretty high res backgrounds. Maybe some of these "lost" images can find a new purpose online?

27Gilles at 12:16 PM November 12, 2012

Top pic with Pagani/Lotus sunset along with Catchpole at the petrol station!

action jack84 at 10:32 AM November 9, 2012

good stuff :)

Pete_ at 10:22 AM November 9, 2012

Wow! Fantastic photos!

RayA at 11:02 PM November 7, 2012

The picture with the silver Gallardo driving in the mountains is my favourite.

articulatedjunk at 6:55 PM November 7, 2012

There are too many good ones to compliment - but I just have to say I love the framing on that rainforest curve. Thanks for taking the time to post these.

carlos at 12:26 PM November 7, 2012

I love this stuff. More dogs please :)

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