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Not doing much.
24 Mar 09
a while ago
BMW M135i 
Ferrari LaFerrari in black 

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Anonymous - 09 Mar 05:00 AM
Anonymous - 09 Oct 06:01 AM
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Anonymous - 09 Oct 06:00 AM
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Anonymous - 13 Jan 05:21 PM
Some background on Nurburgring situation: http://savethering.org Cheers! Mike
Arhodas - 20 Mar 10:36 PM
I have been readin with great interest your column on the gtr. A lot have happened to mine. An engine recall by Nissan new wastgates arc intercooler gtc downpipes, y-pipes, all pipes.. New inflow for better breathing and custom cobb tuning. We are currently working through my mechanic Demetris Keramidas to build a custom intake unit for cobb in order to be able to use bigger becks for the injectors. The car so far has shown no trouble an the sound is epic. The akrapovic exhaust is a piece of art but for bigger numbers in sound and performance gtc is the stronger choice. Hope to hear from you soon.
David_Yu - 09 Jan 10:19 AM
Hi Petros, there have been a few incidents of some early LHD cars breaking engines in Europe, both tuned and stock. Most have been repaired under warranty even the tuned ones as it was a factory issue. I believe all the ones that have failed have VIN numbers ending in less than 300. My car is much more fun tuned and seems fine. There are US cars tuned to 700+hp and running with no issues a year later. Yes your dealer will be able to tell if the ECU has been reflashed and whether boost has been raised so they can tell. But in my opinion it's worth the risk, but that has to be your own choice. Enjoy your GT-R, it is the best car I have owned! David
Arhodas - 08 Jan 11:51 PM
Greeting from Greece! I have read all your posts in the magazine for some time now. I have gone through a lot of cars (z06,lp560,f430,modena,997 turbo,m6,abt rs6 v10,r8...) and I just got my gtr. It has 4500km and I am seriously considering the cobb tune. The only thing stopping me is my fears about the toughness of the gtr. The Greek dealership will declare the guarantee void even after a single launch control(ESP OFF). So my question as a new owner is: Do you know if when uninstalled the cobb tune leaves a trace to the gtr's black box and is the car tough enough to take the tune without the all dreaded transmission and engine breakdowns? I avoid lunch controls in general. A friend of mine has a broken engine (cobb customized stage 2 100oct akrapovic titanium exhausts wastegates...) after 7000km. The thing is I already have the tuning kit in my garage with the appropriate programmes so the temptation is strong.. I really hope you can shed some light. thanks for your time in advance.

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Introducing: Blue Shadow!

October 10, 2017 5:04 PM | Posted By: David_Yu
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Nissan GTR December 2014: Stealthzilla gets a facelift

December 22, 2014 10:38 PM | Posted By: David_Yu
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So after debating whether Stealthzilla should stay or go (see October's blog), it looks like the lovable Japanese fire-breathing monster is staying for a good while. I'd always intended to finish off... [more]

Nissan GTR October 2014: Should it stay or should it go now?

October 31, 2014 3:34 PM | Posted By: David_Yu
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To misquote the Clash song, if it goes there will be trouble, if it stays it will be double… I’ve had Stealthzilla née Godzilla 2 for five and a half years now and that’s a... [more]

Nissan GT-R August 2014: Endless rattling...

August 31, 2014 8:52 PM | Posted By: David_Yu
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It’s been a quiet month for Stealthzilla except in one particular area, which has become all but unbearable. I mentioned all the way back in Fast Fleet evo issue 191 that I had fitted a set of... [more]

Nissan GT-R June 2014: Improving steering feel

June 30, 2014 4:00 PM | Posted By: David_Yu
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Having attended Litchfield Motors’ test day last October at Castle Combe with WTCC stars (and Litchfield GT-R owners) Rob Huff and Tom Chilton, I was particularly impressed with the front... [more]
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