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So having enjoyed an Estoril Blue M135i as my daily driver for the last 4 years, I thought it was time for a complete change. So ordered an Estoril Blue M140i...

Picked up my Shadow Edition a couple of weeks ago from the incomparable TRL in Berry Heathrow. This is the 5th car our family and friends have ordered from him, so he must be good!

Coming straight from my M135i, it doesn't feel like a dramatic change in car, but there are a lot of subtle differences that I love.

Birthing suite at Berry BMW


Cognac leather

Close up of the Shadow Edition lights to show the black surrounds lights

I love the new style black wheels. Never liked the original M135i wheels and surprised they have been carried over to the M140i. Never had black wheels before, but they suit the whole Shadow Edition theme perfectly. I know they'll be a bugger to keep clean and scratch free, but right now, they look great.

Like the Cognac, but would have preferred Coral if that was still available, but it's not, so Cognac is the next best choice. Having said that, I've had Coral over Estoril Blue for the last 4 years, so the change helps make it feel like a different car!

I know it's been out a while now, but the current style front and rear ends are light years better looking than the original M135i in my opinion and the black detailing on the Shadow really makes it stand out.

Drivetrain wise, obviously haven't caned it yet properly, but I do feel the B58 is a bit gruntier (and has a bassier exhaust note) than the N55. I've stuck with Adaptive dampers and feel that the M140i is a bit tauter than my M135i, both in Comfort and Sport, which is nice. Digital speedo is a long overdue addition, as is a temperature gauge.

Overall, I love it and bearing in mind that BMW's replacement in the next year or two will be AWD (based on a FWD chassis) with only a 2.0 four pot and maybe not even a manual option, this might well be a keeper. Nothing else comes close for the price.

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