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It’s been a quiet month for Stealthzilla except in one particular area, which has become all but unbearable. I mentioned all the way back in Fast Fleet evo issue 191 that I had fitted a set of Endless brake pads at the not inconsiderable cost of £894 for both front and rear.

The front pads are an endurance race compound called ME20 and they’ve proved tirelessly powerful under track use, respond well even when cold on the road and most importantly, don’t squeal. However, despite having been scrupulously bedded in according to Endless’ instructions, and installed on a brand new set of 400mm Alcon discs, there is some judder during sustained hard use on track, although that does disappear once they’ve cooled down again.

But it’s the rear MX72 pads that have been driving me crazy and it’s nothing to do with their performance; they rattle like an ice bucket full of spanners.

Endless MX72

My wife thought the rear suspension of the car was literally about to fall off and now hates being in it, particularly at low speeds when the rattle is at its worst (or perhaps at its most audible over tyre and exhaust noise).

I asked Litchfield’s to look at it during a service a while back and they fitted stronger retaining clips/springs, but unfortunately that did nothing to reduce the very loud and annoying noise.

I have now taken to lightly dragging my left foot on the brakes whilst cruising slowly past large groups of people, as for example, whilst in the supercar parade at Wilton Classic and Supercar.

Stealthzilla at Wilton Classic and Supercar 2014

Unless somebody can suggest a fix, I may feel compelled to replace them after next month’s Spa track day, although they’ve still got loads of material left, which is a shame considering how much they cost.

(Many thanks to Ben Taylor Automotive Photography for the shot at Wilton House. He also has a Facebook page.)

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phb at 10:51 AM September 10, 2014

Endless has products for this problem. Check this, might help:

David_Yu at 6:09 PM September 6, 2014

Hmm, interesting. Can't that get caught between the pad and the disc though? And the temps Stealthzilla can generate under braking are pretty scary. It will melt most materials.

F1 at 3:24 PM September 5, 2014

something like this will do the trick

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