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To misquote the Clash song, if it goes there will be trouble, if it stays it will be double…

I’ve had Stealthzilla née Godzilla 2 for five and a half years now and that’s a YuMobile record. Next closest contender was my Ferrari F355 Spider, that lasted five years with me. Of course, we nearly parted company over three years ago, when I put a deposit down on one of the first 2011 facelift “DBA-R35” GT-Rs, but when I failed to get any sensible offers and realised that the improvement wasn’t worth the colossal cost to change (nearly £30k), I recanted and kept the trusty 2009 car.

Since then it’s been treated to a mild cosmetic makeover with some (I think) tasteful enhancements and a relatively mild Litchfield LM700 mechanical upgrade including slightly larger turbochargers and improved brakes and suspension.

It is still, by some way, the fastest, most capable car I have ever owned, equally at home cruising at high three figure speeds on the autobahn, attacking the Nurburgring or taking my wife and I to a quick weekend break away at a nice hotel. It is not phased by rain or snow, took three grown men to this year’s Wilton Supercar event, where it was welcomed as a regular star, and delivers a level of feedback and excitement which is becoming increasingly rare in our sanitised electric power steering, low NVH, low CO2 world.

And yet…

There is an old flame, calling me from my past. The only car I’ve sold that I’ve really missed, despite the GT-R being comprehensively better in nearly every objective measure.

No, not one of the four Ferraris I’ve been lucky enough to own, but a plastic bodied, left hand drive, pushrod engined, (transverse composite) leaf-springed anachronism, built in Kentucky, USA. My Corvette Z06.

Now among the main reasons I reluctantly sold my C6 Z06, were the terrible seats, which flopped about like a pair of deck chairs, and the almost completely numb steering.

But I’ve driven the C7 Stingray (not Z06 yet) and it is considerably better in both departments. Ok, the steering still isn’t as feelsome as the GT-Rs, but I have high hopes the C7 Z06 will be a truly world class supercar. Sadly, it is way out of my financial reach at the moment, but which would you choose, GT-R or Z06?



C7 Z06

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RobYob at 8:31 PM November 16, 2014

Isn't one of the appeals of the C6 ZO6 the LS7 "motorsport derived" V8 with titanium rods, 7k redline and a cherry on top? The C7 ZO6 might have better seats but its lost that little magic link. Reviews may well be positive but Journalists often tend to have rose tinted glasses for the newest and shineyest. With Godzilla 2 specced as it is there doesn't seem to be a rational (did I just say that?!) reason to change but you've got the seven(five) year itch and want something new. So why not REALLY change, you've had the AWD turbo supercar smiter (several times over), the Mid engined exotic and as much as you've fond memories of a Detroit hammer would it be that good second time around? Turbo 911s seem a little "dull" for you so what is left on the list left to try? Lightweights? Atom, Seven, Exige? a Classic? Something completely mad like Clio V6, or a Viper, or a GT3/2/RS/CS/thing And if you look again to Heavy Iron, the Z06 you've done, Camaro Z/28 is close (LS7 as a bonus) a proven N'Ring monster but maybe a touch heavy, F-type is flavour of the month so best avoided. Of course the only real answer is Mk1 MR2. Oh wait, I meant F40.

cenuijmu1 at 10:33 AM November 4, 2014

Hi David, I think the C7 Z06 will be great. It won't be hybridised or callibrated or have a silly contrived exhaust note. It will be naturally old school funsome, that does not mean bad by the waY. I think it will have enough finesse and be honest to boot. I like the way they shrunk it and made it more agGresive, same as Mazda have shrunk the MX5 and made that more aggressive. Rather than having a Ferrari 458 SpecialSperta perhaps a C7 Z06 and Miata might be more fun? Will have to wait for the road tests.

IanF at 12:09 PM November 3, 2014

I'd suggest an F-Type - wait until next year and you can pick between the 4WD version or RWD.

Samoht at 10:48 PM October 31, 2014

Now, that's a tricky one. I'm attracted to the GTR because its Japanese, because it combines the best bits of RWD and 4WD, the ludicrous all-weather performance, and the GTR heritage.On the other hand, the Vette is naturally aspirated yet still torquey, lower and lighter, and pure RWD.If I were to emigrate to the continent, the LHD Vette would be my choice. However I wouldn't buy a car with wrong-hand-drive for my locale, so between the two, I'd pick the GTR in the UK.In actual fact though, if the never-ending bills eventually force me out of my RX-7 then I'll probably end up with a Porsche of some description, as I think I'd prefer something smaller, lighter and easier to chuck around Cadwell over either of the above monsters.BTW Godzilla looks great in that pic, probably the best I've seen an R35 look.

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