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GTROC out in force

Continuing my recent theme on GT-Rs and supercars, I was invited to attend Supercar Driver’s diplomatically titled “The Best versus the Rest” event at Llanbedr airfield in North Wales.

As the name suggests, Supercar Driver is a company that primarily organises supercar events of the driving variety. In this case, they invited some of their usual Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche owning members to defend supercar honour against the mighty GTR Owners Club and forum members. The challenge was to see who could post the fastest speed across the line from a 1 mile standing start run on Llanbedr’s surprisingly smooth tarmac runway.

Being Wales of course, the weather conspired against us and the blustery, damp conditions did its best to put off all but the bravest of the 2WD supercar brigade, with the glorious Ferrari F12berlinetta, for example, left wheelspinning impotently off the line.

In deference to the slippery surface, I tried my first few launches by simply flooring it in D in Auto mode, but the rampant wheelspin in 1st gear when the Litchfield Stage 4.5 turbos kicked in sent the revs into the rev limiter before the gearbox could react and the resulting confusion in its electronic brain meant that the change to 2nd took much longer than it should. This was illustrated by a VBox reading of 0-60mph in 4.4 seconds and a shocking 0-100mph of 8.1s on the way to a terminal speed of 182.4mph at the mile timing beams.

After a couple more tries using the same technique, I was not hopeful of setting any impressive times or speeds on the day. Then Supercar Driver organiser Adam Thorby asked me if I would like to line up against the stunning yellow Lamborghini Aventador in attendance. Of course I couldn’t refuse and made my apologies in advance to owner Kavi, explaining that Stealthzilla wouldn’t be offering much of a challenge with the poor start conditions.

SZ vs Aventador

However, I decided that I had nothing to lose by trying the EcuTek launch control map and manual gearchange even though I expected the LC to exacerbate the wheelspin issue.

We lined up and this time I floored the brake with my left foot, then floored the throttle to activate LC, the revs shot up to 4k and when the starting line guy finished counting down from three to go, lifted off the brake pedal. The result was, as expected, plenty of wheelspin, but it was controllable and I did have time to snatch 2nd on the paddle shift before the needle hit 7k. That immediately catapulted me a surprising 4 or 5 car lengths ahead of the Aventador and we managed to hang onto the lead until the mile marker, although it was clear the mighty 700hp V12 Lambo was reeling us in and recorded a higher terminal speed.

A rematch then resulted in only a 2 or 3 car length advantage on launch, which was not enough to stave off the raging bull as it crossed the line a bare car length ahead of Stealthzilla, but pulling convincingly more speed.

Best VBox reading for the day was 0-60 in 3.6s and 0-100 in 6.6s on the way to 188.7mph, whereas the Lambo managed a stonking best of 195.2mph.

Video of us crossing the line here:

However, the top five fastest cars on the day were all GT-Rs, ranging from a claimed 750hp (unlikely, considering its 201.6mph terminal speed!) to a dyno-verified 1048hp monster from GT-R specialists SVM, which set 207.0mph, just shy of a “950hp” SVM car that hit 207.4mph in what were pretty tricky conditions.

The three supercars that made the top 10 were a 900hp 911 Turbo tuned by 9 Excellence in 6th, the aforementioned Aventador in 8th and the F12berlinetta in 10th.

So which group was “The Best” and which was “the Rest”? I’ll let you decide…

[Thanks to Supercar Driver and Dfish Pix for the photos]

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David_Yu at 11:55 PM August 4, 2013

Nope, the Aventador was stock too. And I think it was probably the "best" car there; certainly the one I would have if I had the money!

IanF at 9:51 PM August 4, 2013

F12 is the only stock? I'd say that means it the best.

Samoht at 8:02 PM July 27, 2013

Love this kind of post, good to hear what GTR ownership means to you (in this case, running with supercars). Sounds like fun.

mbk72 at 10:07 PM July 11, 2013

Brilliant David, just makes me want (but can I afford!) a GTR that little bit more!

Rotrexman at 1:31 PM July 1, 2013

Fantastic - must've been a blast !

speedingfine at 12:29 PM July 1, 2013

6.6. Blimey :)

articulatedjunk at 12:13 AM July 1, 2013

I think this calls for a rematch on a road course!

Visceral1111 at 7:39 AM June 30, 2013

It's impossible to say; you're simply going to have to meet again when it is dry to find out :).

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