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GT-R in man-made fog

Still reeling from the belated realisation that something had actually broken on the previously bulletproof GT-R, life has been quiet for Stealthzilla now it is in RWD-only mode.

The interesting thing is, there are no visible or audible signs that something is awry. No warning lights, no strange noises from the gearbox, nothing. Until that is, it’s on boost, and the rear wheels spin like they’re on ice. I guess it shouldn’t have come as a great surprise, but I was shocked at how little traction the GT-R has without the front axle to help out, bearing in mind the ATTESA AWD system is normally heavily rear-biased anyway.

But without wishing to steal the thunder from my upcoming Fast Fleet article in issue 193, there was at least one recent impromptu event that suited Stealthzilla’s new configuration. A sneak preview can be seen here:

In other RWD news, I’ve recently purchased a BMW M135i for use in my newly-acquired local marketing business and it’s as fun to drive as all the five star reviews suggested it would be.

However a minor Bluetooth issue resulted in the extremely accommodating supplying dealer, Cooper BMW of Tunbridge Wells, sending their salesman over to Surrey and temporarily swapping my little M-Lite for a brand new full-fat M5 complete with Competition Package.

M5 in natural fog

With another 15hp, recalibrated suspension and a sports exhaust, it’s certainly an impressive vehicle. But again, in these cold, damp conditions, it simply isn’t possible to deploy all 570hp; a request for anything approaching full steam ahead from the mighty 4.4 litre twin turbo V8 results in either rampant wheelspin if in M mode, or constant interruption from the TC in normal mode. And we haven’t even had a hint of the snow-mageddon the doom-mongers have promised yet.

The simple fact is, if you want to get the full performance out of a 400hp+ car in this country all year round, you need AWD. And I want Stealthzilla back to AWD.

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