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While a lot of people out there see cars as nothing more than means of transportation, there are those whose lifestyles revolve around them. To these few car enthusiasts, it’s not about horsepower, the age of the car or even a brand. It is about the effort invested in it and all the memories that this vehicle has made possible. For this, you don’t need to spend a small fortune. All you need to do is purchase a well-preserved old car and do some simple upgrades. Here are a few tips and tricks.

Pimp Your Car

Buying Used Car

First things first, before you even start with the upgrades, you need to get a car to work on. The first logical step would be to look for websites that sell used cars or even some popular online auctions. This way, there’s a chance you’ll encounter an affordable car you believed to be well outside of your price range. Sure, when pimping your ride, it’s all about what you can do with what you’ve got. However, the better the starting vehicle, the less effort you will have to go through and the more satisfying the end result will be. One last thing, if you don’t have to scratch, your entire upgrade might come out several times more affordable.

Service the Car

Naturally, the first thing you will want is to check if the car you’ve just bought is road worthy. Getting it to a mechanic is an absolute must, but there are also so many things you can do yourself. For example, changing air and fuel filters is child’s play, even if you have never done anything work on the car in your entire life. The same goes with changing oil. Just make sure to note down the exact date and mileage you changed it at, so you can know when to do it again. Finally, when the car is ready and safe to hit the road, you might want to get onto the next stage of your work.

Start with the Paint

After you’re done with the technical issues, it might be the right time to think about your car’s exterior. Customizing your car with paint, at least in the way you had in mind, might cost an arm and a leg. This is why, it might be a good idea to try and do it on your own. This way, you can easily do the entire paint job of your car in under $200. Still, this is a complicated process that requires a lot of preparation, as well as hours and hours of work. What you need to do is remove all trim pieces you want to avoid painting over and then apply the paint in layers. Remember that your health always comes first, so never forget to put your dust mask on. Fumes from the spray cans can be quite toxic and you want to avoid inhaling them directly.


Install GPS

Sure, most cars designed in the last few years look more like a space-shuttle than a road vehicle. Their dashboard has every possible sensor there is and their display can show you what the weather is like in Malaysia. If you want to make your car customization as efficient as possible, you need to ask yourself one simple question: “which of these things do I actually need?” The answer is not that many of them. Even though a lot of these electronics improves your overall driving experience, the only thing that is an absolute must-have is a GPS. If you’re one of those people who live by the road and enjoy nothing more than taking long road trips for fun, it might be worth to invest in one of the high-end GPS devices, no matter the state your car is in.

Add Few Cool Gadgets

Finally, GPS is not the only cool gadget you might want to add to your car. Instead of your regular rear view mirror, you might want to add a dashcam that can record your entire trip. For those long night drives, you can simply get a power-up that gets charged through a USB port, to keep you awake at nights. One last thing, if you are an iOS or Android user, you might want to get car data reader and, this way, ensure that your vehicle is always in perfect order. The best thing about this is the fact that both the amount and the choice of these gadgets for your car is completely up to you.


As you can see, money can never replace creativity. Having all the money in the world and buying the latest, best-rated car every year may diminish your enjoyment in them. On the other hand, putting an effort in building a car you always dreamed of having is something you simply can’t put a price tag on. This process personalizes your car, making it completely unique and entirely yours.

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