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Sometimes when you have an inconvenience there is a sliver lining. This morning I’ve got a dentist appointment at 10:10. I get there five minutes early yet by 10:35 I am still waiting to be seen. Uncharacteristically, I get annoyed of waiting, decide that life is too short and bugger off.  

However, all was not lost as my dentist is right next to Glatton, where the B660 unravels all the way to Kimbolton. After that it’s a stint on the B645 to the A6 and then returning to the back roads toward Poddington before reaching Evo Towers. A trip I’ve done a few times and enjoyed thoroughly.  

The Clio Williams is my transportation on this miserable rainy day. You might be aware from reading the Fast Fleet section in the magazine, that the Willy has been recently fitted with Brembo discs and pads. They’ve been on for around 1000 miles now (so hopefully bedded in) and I’m keen to try test them out, especially in wet conditions like today.

New brakes

New Brembo discs with lovely grooves.

New Pads  

Old v new pads

Isn’t it great how things fall into place sometimes? I have the road, the car, interesting conditions and some new brakes to play with.  

It’s been a while since I’ve really given the Clio a good thrashing along a decent road and all the reasons of why I love this car come flooding back. The comfy seats, the slightly annoying driving position, the light but feelsome steering… The windows mist up easily in these conditions so I crack the window open and it’s a good excuse to really hear the throaty Scorpion exhaust working with a kind of spitting noise on gear change.  

The wet conditions really don’t seem to bother the Willy. There’s lots of standing water around and clipping a big puddle at speed amusingly pushes the car away slightly. But pick your depth of water carefully and the tyres carve through it without any real fuss, and it doesn’t disturb progress. Firing out of low gear corners the front tyres sometimes spin, scouring for grip but it’s momentary and adds to the excitement.

Williams splashes through water with minimal fuss  

Clio Williams enjoys the water

The brakes feel smooth and have the stopping power when needed. They never fade and that’s good news considering how wet it is out there. They don’t feel hugely different to the originals, but me and co-owner Dobie purchased them to be more durable, with trackdays and more miles being planned.  

I have a very clear run all the way until having to turnaround on the B645 at Kimbolton, Police closing the road because it’s so badly flooded. The Police Officer says ‘no chance you’ll get through in this!’, referring to the car. ‘Cheeky b*stard’, I think, as I try to work out which way to go. Easy, through Kimbolton village and back onto the B660 then down some very narrow roads to Riseley.  

This is awesome fun. There’s water everywhere, bursting off the acres of surrounding fields. Some very sharp corners too, but the brakes still prove very dependable. Up ahead, an HGV tanker is coming the other way at speed, collecting verge on its way, the driver over-corrects his road position and ends up on my side of the road. I slow to a near stop to give the lorry time and space, but he still nearly takes me with him – sh@t! That was close.  

Up next, Podington Rd. Oh plop, it’s closed due to an accident, which means my B-road adventure has finally come to an end as I surrender to the main roads, going through Rushden and eventually to Evo Towers.  

What a drive! Won’t forget that in a hurry.

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Smarty at 10:42 AM February 2, 2013

Nice one! Sometimes adverse weather can be great for properly minded drivers and take you on brilliant roads which would otherwise not be visited!

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