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Getting this for the missus


On a similar vein, I'm trying to think of someone that would appreciate this mug I saw.. properly dad humour but it tickled me:

Saw this and thought it might be appreciated for costume ideas.

Ignore the writing, it was stolen from a website using it to make a point in a story.

clio200 said...

Saw this and thought it might be appreciated for costume ideas.

That is awesome

Better pic

Updated May 1, 2014 at 11:49 AM

More info; click.

nuttinnew said...

More info; click.

Hmm Google translation is interesting.

For this car we have a weakness, one such is our "service" car , but he cut off the roof would really occurred to me. Although I would not have even the new Range Rover in Dubai one such ride ...

According to the seller the convertible conversion was carried out in the Netherlands and the rigidity of the body is said to be taken care of. Seller of the car but not posted yet. It is a car of 1989, under the hood is a basic inline six-cylinder 3.0-liter. The equipment may appoint cloth seats, air conditioning, electric windows and a trip computer. Technically, the car is said to be fine and requires no investment required.

If you did not have the required 4800 zlotys (about 31 000 CZK), then the car can replace the need for Corsa ... ;) The wheels in the picture but apparently not for sale.


What do you mean it's too Green?

That makes it all crystal clear :D

The car and animal thread. Also known as the representative of 95% of the internet that isn't pornography thread.


I'd've loved to've been that close to the owls, would've felt privileged to be near a young 'ne.

The 7 looks quite neat but you have to wonder just how much stifness can be put back into a four door :?

Religiousness - 2.52

Your link text


Existence is pain ...



Philomena Cunk said...

Your link text

OMG, how that brings back memories. Cheers PC :D


Nuts on the road

Epic mileage;

Ok, kilometreage :P

621016km, 388135miles.

Today's alternative wheel design;

ebay link; click

Stick it in the brown? Wrong type of atm;


McSwede said...

Never realised Gilles was a Southern fanny though. He seemed like such a decent chap. I shall eye him with suspicion from this day forth ;)



People once said...

"You're right Dinny"

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