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Anyone work for them (Steve, do I recall correctly that you do)? Have been contacted by an agency about a job with them which looks quite interesting.


Yep, I do, but TBH the various areas of the business are very protective of their own little bit so unless you're coming to Reading I doubt there's any useful info I can give you ! Feel free to PM if you want to ask anything though. ?

Cheers, actually the job is in reading!

LOL ! Do tell.

By Reading I mean Winnersh, and FWIW it's a very nice building here, only a few years old, very spacious and excellent a/c :)

Winnersh or Winnersh Triangle? Greatest railway station name EVAR! 8)


Just say no to inline fours.

I did a bit of freelancing for them in Leeds a few years back. PM me if you want to get my impression.


Driving a Galaxy far, far away

_Andy said...

Winnersh or Winnersh Triangle? Greatest railway station name EVAR! 8)

I have to disagree - if you visit Brussels, you can travel by their Metro to Kunst-Wet station.


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