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We got quoted £500 PCM for cover with per-existing conditions. NHS for me :(


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ExiledChris said...

RichardMajor86 said...

I'd like to add, that i think the NHS is just amazing. As a nation, in my opinion, its our crowning achievement.

If you was a massively bias, mega left wing view on the american system, I suggest you watch SICKO my Michael Moore. It's an interesting watch.

You don't need to watch sicko, all you need to know is that the US spends 18% of GDP on healthcare (twice the western average) and has worse outcomes... it's fine for me, as I have insurance and aren't sick, but if you don't have insurance and get sick, you have to go bankrupt.

Your link text

If memory serves me correctly, the point of Sicko was that it showed people WITH insurance going bankrupt.

My wonderful healthcare provider has put up my premium up 150% in the last four years and I've never had a claim.

Next time it flares up get an emergency appt at your GP and ask to be referred to a Private Orthopedic Consultant, you'll see one in a week or so.

My wife went to Sancta Maria in Swansea and it cost £180, he arranged X-Rays and MRI within the next week (£300 or so) and he has then referred her back to receive the treatment and physio on the NHS as we don't have PMI, he didn't feel the need to do the treatment privately. All this happened in less than a month for issues my wife has had for 10 yrs and many GP's have said live with it.

I suspect unless your a sports person or need the treatment to work you'd be unlikely to get referred for these type of conditions on the NHS.


You have to go through the motions with the GP as stated.

I've a similar problem with my knee in that if flairs up every now and again. when it does, running is out of the question. Last time I went to the GP he prescribed some sort of pills and said rest for 8 weeks.

Next time though, we'll have been through that so physio is the next step. I'll try that and if that doesn't work then surgery.

I just have to run - that's the problem - stopping running permanently is not an option for my sanity but also it's the only way I can keep weight off. My metabolism won't let me "Just diet". over that 8 weeks, despite eating reasonably healthily, I put on 5 or 6 lbs.


and from the beginning think what may be the end.

NicDale said...

Which isn't that great, around here you only seem to be taken seriously if you're on benefit, I hadn't been to the doctor for 9 years before going back in about my knee, was told to suffer it as they couldn't 'see' anything wrong. No referral, no offer of physiotherapy, nada.

Walk in clinic at hospital - tell them its REAL bad.

Interesting comments.

We have a difficulty in that we have a demand for healthcare that is based on want rather than need.

An inflamed knee is a good example. If my knee flares up, I want it better, and I want it now. The correct treatment however is antiinflammatories and rest. Only if it is recurrent and disabling does it need potentially risky and expensive investigation and treatment.

Of course, if you are prepared to pay (or your insurance is), this risk appears to become less of an issue, invasive investigation and treatment happens earlier (which may or may not work) and the outcome is usually no different.

RichardMajor86 said...

Dinny_G said...

David_Yu said...

But one point, all PMI involves first getting an appointment with the GP then getting referred. It doesn't bypass that stage unfortunately.


I'm fortunate in that our GP surgery has a Fast Track service which is basically show up, take a number - get seen. My not be my doc but a doc none the less.

this is the system the doctors near Uni worked on. It was perfect.

I think my current doctors (Maybe you could confirm, Yu) has appointments in the afternoon, but first come first served in the morning.

I've not been in years though.

Lightwater surgery is amazing. You've got to phone up dead-on 8am and will be in a phone queueing system, but you will always get an appointment the same morning.

For both my cancers, I had surgery within a few days of diagnosis.

Recovering in your own room is also a hell of a lot nicer than waking up in a ward full of strangers.


Share your car adventures.

Real life with cars

I tend to agree with the walk in clinic, and also changing surgery - the concept that the 'family doctor' is best is bollocks.

I had the same GP for four years, who kept on giving me antidepressants, after antidepressants, after antidepressants.

Two suicide attempts, more antidepressants.

Nervous breakdown, move away from the area, get a new GP, immediate referral to a psychotherapist, which has finally quelled most of the problems I was having.

Second opinions and changing surgery are worth investigating before looking at private healthcare; as has been noted, most of the time if something serious kicks off, you get referred to the NHS anyway, just a bit faster than normal.

Friend of mine has worked in private and NHS - she'd never bother with private healthcare, a good GP is the key.

SimonB said...

NicDale said...

Which isn't that great, around here you only seem to be taken seriously if you're on benefit, I hadn't been to the doctor for 9 years before going back in about my knee, was told to suffer it as they couldn't 'see' anything wrong. No referral, no offer of physiotherapy, nada.

Walk in clinic at hospital - tell them its REAL bad.

I tried that once, got as far as reception, sign saying 4 hour waiting, hobbled out, went back to work. The thing is, my work isn't office based, it's getting out and about and being physically active for 80% of it, always on my feet, so it's not a case of calling in sick and taking some ibuprofen. Telling my doctor that I was ok to work though pretty much adds to the dismissive attitude on the one occasion I did wait 14 days for an appointment.

Go back when less busy?

I had my foot xrayed in 30 mins a while ago.

Luck of the draw.

Nic. Just wondering, but can you pay for someone to look at it, like a one-off payment rather than insurance? No idea how much it would cost, but sounds like it's causing you a lot of aggravation - enough to see a knee specialist privately?

Maybe they accept Revels too?




Gwarredd is correct. This is how we treat our ongoing crash damage.


"Do you even like cars?" - NathanFBIAhmadi

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