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Given the socio/economic/political situation of Italy me and a bunch of friends, all graduating in Engineering and VERY willg to work/honest, would love to fled the country as soon as we are don with our studies.
Most of us already have a high level of english (one year long exchange programs in UK or USA) so, given that our target country would be DE, USA or UK we want to learn German.
How many of your learnt German in school? Do you think it is possible to reach a basic level self teaching us on middle to high school books and German sitcoms/movies? Any suggestion is highly apreciated.

Suggest studying english or typing first.

Honestly we are not interested in speaking English as good as the Queen. After one year in the Uk or usa we speak it waaaay good enough to get a job in a english-speaking country and then improve our language skills while we are living there, so we really want to move on to the other language we are interested in. :D

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Simple answer - no.

German is relatively easy to learn (if you're being tought) - the grammar is typically German - straight forward with very few Latin based idiosyncrasies

Your problem is going to be picking up vocabulary.

If you really want to learn German to a level where you can pick up work, get Linguaphone or similar


People once said...

"You're right Dinny"

I'd say in order of difficulty of the languages I studied: English, German, Spanish, French, Latin.

It's pretty easy.


How about not having a sig at all?

I forgot to say: all of us already have a medium to high level of Latin, will it help as it regards the grammar?

I was looking at rosetta stone, but their almost-no-grammar approach put be off a bit, linguaphone seems interesting, any one of you succeeded in learning a language with it?

-we will be REALLY tough on it since it probably is the only way to guarantee us a future no worse than our parents`

Updated February 25, 2013 at 3:46 PM

This guy is very good. Get his CDs



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Come on, just post your spam for your "learn German" cd, stop with the "me and my friends" back story... I ain't biting.




What Tim said.

What Rich B said.

Zonda_ said...

What Tim said.

This...except he's dead* so Tim's tense is wrong.

*Michel Thomas not Tim

SimonB said...

Suggest studying english or typing first.


I did GCSE German at school.

I think it's absolutely possible to learn a language by self-study from books and CDs, *IF* you have the dedication to keep studying every day or so. (I generally don't).

I don't like the 'no grammar' approach, especially with something like German, so would recommend finding at least one textbook that will explain the grammar.

From Latin you're already familiar with Masculine/Feminine/Neuter and Nominative/Vocative/Accusative/Genitive/Dative/Ablative structure, German has much the same.

Vocabulary has significant overlap with English.

Generally my impression is that pronunciation isn't particularly tricky with German, so it's particularly suited to self-study.

Maybe self-study for 6 months, then go to Germany for a week or two language course in the country?

Best of luck!

play with beginner guides/audio books for a week or two. then, get a good dictionary and the intensive German learning manuals(books) for high-school students(not really sure if they exists in Italy, but the name should be "Deutsch mit Spaß");

also, read some German car magazines, become a member of various German auto-forums and watch pretty much every German movie you can find!

Viel Erfolg! ;)

I got the Linguaphone thing and i`ll get a basic grammar textbook just to have a somehow clear reference of what I am learning. I`ll report back to you if it works (or, better say, if I manage to get it working) in 15 days or so.
I hope that also my friend will be willing enough so we can study as a group after college classes.

As soon as I can, with a dictionary, put together basic sentences I`ll sign up to a German forum.

I did German. I found it much easier than French, although I always fared better in the actual results in French!

For me it makes more sense, although people do think it odd when you highlight that sentence structure is very similar to Latin.

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