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Probably my favourite FPS series of all time, this one looks stunning on my rig at 1080 with high quality settings.

I had 10 minutes on it at midnight when it unlocked, nice story into and gameplay as slick as ever. I'm going to do an hour now before work begins...


Looks interesting. Think I might pick it up when I've worked through my current games backlog.


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Reviews are it's a bit meh

I went and bought it (PC) anyway.

Typical Crytek.. mondo graphics card required to get it looking good.

any good? im waiting for GTA 5 so my money isnt going anywhere. my favourite fps series of all time has got to be Timesplitters though. brings back memories of me and my brother playing 10 lives deathmatch.

Maybe enter this contest to win some suitable gaming attire :lol:.

I've not played any of the Crysis games but might give them a punt if I ever got to the bottom of my current list of games to play.


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I enjoyed Crysis 2. Best looking game ever for the 360, so I've ordered this one.


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A bit clunky on the old girl (Xbox) but I really enjoyed that.

The Predator bow is fantastic fun - pretty much used it for the entire game!


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Yeah it is clunky isn't it? Loads of audio dropouts which are very distracting.

Only done a couple of levels so far.
Graphically still good, but not as strikingly "sharper than all the others" that I remember Crysis 2 looking.

Great to have decent weapons from the get-go, unlike Far Cry 3 in which you only get the cool guns when there's nothing left to shoot. Silenced shotgun FTMFW.
One thing I don't like is that at a certain range you can shoot the bad guys who stagger about and spurt blood but simply refuse to die, sucking up all your ammo.


Share your car adventures.

Real life with cars

Bought and completed in two days... :oops:

Love the bow and haven't played multi yet, but it was an enjoyable 7 hours...


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