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Car : 2008 W204 C 200 CDI Manual 120k miles

Yesterday after performing a three point turn, just slightly right off centre, there is a creek/slight groan from the steering.

You can feel a small nugget of resistance, a slight lumpy feeling.

This only happens when stationary or at low speeds.

Power steering fluid level is correct.

Edit: 20 mins earlier, I stalled the car whilst going around a corner - Related ?

Any ideas ? :(

Thanks !

Updated February 20, 2013 at 1:33 PM

Top mount? Doubt the stall is related.


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I'd start by making sure the system is bled and check the quality of the hoses. It's possible the pump's on it's way out, but check the cheap/easy stuff first.


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Googling about I have a hunch it is the bushes on the steering column

Jobbo said...

Top mount? Doubt the stall is related.

Should be able to tell if its top mount / TRE.

Jack the car up on one corner ( probably the side you deem noisiest )

Sit on your bum with the tyre between your thighs. ( this is options )

Place hands at 12 and 6 around the tyre

Wiggle tyre with a little force ( not enought to pull it off the jack if you are a powerfully build managing director )

If it clunks / clicks or wobbles it topmount

Do the same on 9 and 3

Its the TRE then ...

If neither , it didnt cost you ..

-- / Installations / Support / Training

Sounds like it'd cost you your nuts if you did pull it of the jack.



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Definitely not a top mount. I am sure the squeaky groan is column / pump related.

Ii had this on the Landy and it was a steering UJ.



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