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You do have a local-ish doppelganger-ish after all. 8)

Just had a wee play with a dark grey E60 M5 Estate (std alloys) on an evening dash back from Edinburger. FG57 DWC.

Passed him and he immediately raised his pace and pulled in behind ~ despite the low light levels he'd obviously clocked me as instantly as I did him. :lol:

Had a wee play - nothing remotely silly - just comparing exhaust notes. :)

I'd have to say the stance of it looked absolutely superb. Probably helped by the fact it was moving, but it screamed purpose.

And it sounded FG (although a few dB louder would have been nice).

And it could shift. 8)

Unfortunately (fortunately?) the only opportunity to run alongside each other was just as we passed into the reduced 60-limit on the outskirts of Glasgow..... I wasn't going to indulge in any sillyness there. :D

If you're coming to watch Nef's first race you need to convoy up with Mudge and I ;)

Updated February 19, 2013 at 9:35 PM


Shame no vids of this V8 vs V10 duel!

Updated February 19, 2013 at 10:42 PM

Another good reason for Mike to meet up. And bring a video camera with him. :)

Thèse things are common as muck up here. There's at least three in Edinburgh now. Thought you might have seen the car last night as my wife had it out but looks like you can't drive anywhere without seeing at least one m5 touring on your trip.

I got a mail about a pm... As soon as I figure out how to find them, I'll have a read.




So you read a mail about your PM about this thread....

This forum is teh bomb! 8)

Even though they are now more common than TOWIE, it was nice to happen upon one when I wasn't piloting mrs mik's Discobus (as usually seems to be the case when I spot something tasty) :?

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