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Thought I saw a Fiat Coupé in my wing mirror this morning, it wasn't one, but then I realised I haven't seen one on the road in a while.

Are they disappearing?

I saw one just yesterday and thought the same thing, first time I've noticed one for months, or maybe even over a year.

I used to see a couple around town, one of which belonged to a purple tin swilling forum member. I haven't been down that side of town for a while so dunno if it's still there.


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Saw one last weekend in a terrible state. The mouth breathers have them all now (Al being the exception to the rule)



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A bloke over the road from my parents' house has a 20V Turbo, lovely car. But I always thought it was quite incongruous for him, considering he always drove Sierras and Montegos whilst I was growing up.

One of Bangle's best, especially the interior with that body-coloured strip across the dash...

Saw a Yellow one on Sunday on the way to Southport. A mate owned a Black 20v Turbo a few years ago. He's had a CTR and now a Mk5 Gti but i think he still rates it as the best of the lot.

They're a special bit of kit IMO.

I saw a D reg Audi 100 CS Avant last week - was fairly tidy and not smoking much! Not seen one of those for at least 10 years, maybe more.


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Saw a mk4 Escort the other week. 1.3 base spec with a cracked bumper so not a garage queen.


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Sapphire Cosworth and Honda Integra Type R.


McSwede said...

Never realised Gilles was a Southern fanny though. He seemed like such a decent chap. I shall eye him with suspicion from this day forth ;)

Parked opposite a Corrado in Liverpool One car park. Had to pop over and have a look inside to remember when i used to spend my time in one.

Happy days. 8)

have not seen a cossie of any type in a long time (except the subaru one) or a mitso EVO, scoobies are pretty rare as well


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This. Casually wandered out of the supermarket here about six months ago and saw it parked on the street. Never saw one in Europe let alone here - turns out to be the only one ever imported into New Zealand, mid way through a restoration.



I saw a white vauxhall Carlton on Sunday, I think the last time I saw one of them it was stickered up and flying down the outside lane with blues and twos on. Looked quite good tbh!




Eric Pisch said...

mitso EVO, scoobies are pretty rare as well

They are everywhere around here, I get sick of hearing the stupid exhausts on the Subarus.

Yep unfortunately it looks like Fiat Coupé's are slowly fading away


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I spotted an absolutely mint 1981 white Mk 3 Escort in my local Tesco car park at the weekend.


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I was going to say, I was always amazed at how instantly Cortinas, Escorts and Sierras disappeared after being superceded. They were the biggest sellers of their times by miles, yet immediately became a very rare sight.


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XR2/3 (of any age)

Have they all been written off?


F*ck the internet, I was doing this My Way.

Mk2, or even mk3 Astra. Again, there were millions but they vanished pretty much instantly.




Too many old sheds.

Passed a Peugeot 305 estate on the A12 the other day. My mother used to have a rather smart metallic grey GTX one, back in the day when I was a nipper, so it was a mildly nostalgic spot.


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