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Don't know the chap too well, we went to school together. Sadly, it appears his Grandma died this morning so he's taken to Facebook to post messages to her in the context that she's reading them.

Now I do have sympathy for anyone who's lost a family member, but why do some have to post the whole "RIP NAN! ALWAYS LOVED AND ALWAYS MISSED!" etc etc. They're not reading it (obviously) and I'd have thought that this type of thing was personal?

Anyway, he posts a picture of his Nan in the hospital bed with her eyes closed with him sort of lying towards her. He then makes this his profile picture and cover photo.

Later in the day, get's a pretty awful tattoo on his forearm with "Nan" in bold as the title and a small message beneath it with poorly done cross.

Like I said, I feel for him but bloody hell.

"unfriend" is your friend my friend! :D


JL said...

It's a valid point from Gavin (a phrase I use rarely!)

Daddydadbo said...

"unfriend" is your friend my friend! :D


I've decided that as FB is a leisure thing, I don't need people on it who annoy me. A large cull was recently performed and my news feed is now suitably less retarded....

As long as it's not prolonged, and that the objective is to not be an attention whore I tolerate and understand someone sharing the news of a loss with friends.
Much more newsworthy on my thread than photo's of peoples dinner, or running commentaries on the fall outs they're having with some tart they've been seeing for 5 minutes TBH.

She didn't get hit by a rally car did she? :lol:


How about not having a sig at all?

Mito Man said...

She didn't get hit by a rally car did she? :lol:

You're an arse.

I think we all want to see a picture of the tattoo


Beany said...

Oh dear lord can I marry you? <3

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