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Found out my mum's got breast cancer. I guess it's just one of those things that you think wont happen to anyone in your family, even though it seems to happen to quite a lot of people. She's getting the operation in the next couple of weeks, then chemotherapy for 18 weeks and radiotherapy. I'm sure everything will be OK, it's just the unknown consequences of chemo that's concerning me at the moment. I usually try to hide my emotions about things like this, but that's not going very well at the moment!

My sister's decided to delay going on her gap year until January, so at least she'll be around, and my mum's being very positive about it which I think is the main thing. Hopefully it will bring us a bit closer together as a family as well.



Christ mate - probably nothing can said so let me just wish you and your family the very best of good fortune. People beat it every day, every single day so thoughts and prayers...


and from the beginning think what may be the end.

My mum had it a few years ago and it came as a massive shock and really knocked the stuffing out of me big time. She had all the treatment you've mentioned and then the extra checks after the treatment. She has now gone back to the "normal" ones so hopefully everything is ok.

Hope everything goes well for you all.

All my wishes for a quick recovery; obviously (and unfortunately) cancer is still a calamity but there are continuously improvements in how to fight it.


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Cancer sucks big time Pete. Although its your mum that's ill you must remember your immediate family who will suffer just as much. And DO NOT forget yourself. Manning up about it all is the wrong way to go about it. Don't try and hide your feelings and make time to go and chat with friends about it every week.

Oh and always take time out each day too, just to reflect. It's a horrible thing for you all to go through and my thoughts are with your family. Virtual pint on its way!

Nightmare. Hope it all goes well

Probably nothing can be said but trust me it'll all be fine. Cancer is so horrible yet so common that doctors treat it all the time, theres nothing to worry about.

recently my best mate and aunt were diagnosed. at first its a real shock but staying strong and being posative really has an impact on them, like my mates on steroids. hed come off them by about .5g and i said he looked much better which put him in a good mood for the rest of the week :D. good luck in this hard time and stay strong.

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Puts things into perspective, all the best to you and your mum Pete.


Thanks for the kind words guys.



I too hope all goes well. The good thing is that it has been found and treatment started. The sooner started, the better the outcome.

What others have said : best of luck to your mum Pete and keep your chin up fella.

Give your mum a hug from everyone here. It'll seem weird but we might have healing powers.

In all seriousness, I hope it all works out for the best.


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Thinking of you Pete. My mother's had breast cancer three times now; the first was thought to be minor but the screening after it revealed the second before it was too far gone (still lost her to chemo etc for the best part of a year really); then the regular screening after that caused a recent minor scare. Worst thing is that she has kept it to herself so much; I'm sure she thinks it's easier for us if she does that but I'm certain it's more stress for her.

A couple of years before her first cancer she drove a friend to and from chemo for a while; that friend then died of secondary stuff a year or so later. So it's by no means cured yet; it's luck whether you catch it in time. All the best.

ETA: good thing she doesn't believe homeopathy will cure it!

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Both my sisters-in-law have had breast cancer and are still here (one of them 10 years later). The survival rates are pretty good these days if it's caught early. Fingers crossed this is the case. It's still a shocking thing to have and I hope it's a relatively straightforward case.


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The treatments do seem to get more effective all the time so Im sure your mum will be ok in time.


Hope she gets well soon!


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All the best Pete. Weirdly, a few years ago, 4 of us that were at uni together had parents with breast cancer all at the same time. :? 3 mums (including the MIL) and my dad.

All are absolutely fine now thankfully. :)

I always struggle to find words to write in threads like this - best of luck to your mum, you and your family, Pete.

Sorry to hear that - hope it all goes well.


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Sympathies man.

I lost my mother to ovarian cancer when I was 11, yet I've had two serious scares and my partner's had one (breast cancer) and we're both trucking on fine...

There's hope and it's sizeable... Keep smiling.



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