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Fcukers :evil:

I collected my mum from Glasgow airport one evening last week. Her flight was delayed slightly so I drove into the nearby Travelodge car park and sat there. No entry or exit gates. I didn't go into a parking bay (although the car park was almost empty), and I did not leave the car at all.

Didn't see any signs displayed in respect of charges - thought i was just waiting somewhere quiet off the beaten track....

Received a £100 non-payment charge today from a company called ParkingEye (with a CCTV image of my car and times of entry / exit). Works out at over £4 a minute! :roll:

I must admit I was rather hacked off, but thought it was probably questionable : some quick googling lead me to the MoneySavingExpert webby, so I've now confirmed this isn't a legitimate PCN (of course), and received some rather useful advice that I should ignore it (and the 5 or 6 letters that will follow, purporting to be from lawyers and debt collection companies threatening court action), as they have no legal right to issue such a punitive "fine" , but how many folks panic and just pay these fcukcing scumbags? :evil:

Updated February 9, 2013 at 11:25 PM

We used to have a framework agreement with Aldi to provide consultancy services and I remember the Technical Director that PM'd that framework regularly getting these from ParkingEye when he went to meetings with Aldi.:lol:

I believe you can just file in the bin.

Unfortunately I have just got my second PCN in as many weeks. Even worse is that they're from Westminster and Camden councils. Fvck.

Going to appeal the one I got tonight though, the lines on the road were so worn out that you couldn't make out the difference between the residents parking and the pay and display parking.


How about not having a sig at all?

Did it have the bit on the letter saying 'under new ruling blah blah blah' trying to make it sound all legal and scary?

Your link text

Why do the DVLA allow scam companies access to their database? There must be a data protection breach here. Write to your MP.

GTF is the right response!

The Honest John website has some useful info regarding these pirates


SD said..... looked like a dog with worms, dragging its arse across the lawn.

Chancers :roll:

The letters become increasingly threatening, my wife would have folded on the second one :lol:

If it makes you feel better..... Lambeth gave me a road side ticket for being 2 mins late. £75 for 2 mins! ching ching £££

I think there is a con going on with the 'paybyphone' where the officers can wait till you return by your car knowning when your prepaid expires

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