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I have been toying with an idea, and am trying to gauge if it is viable, or pipe dreaming. Any thoughts and ideas will be appreciated.

At the moment my only wheels are a rather dull and slow Kangoo works van. A 2002 65bhp 1.9 diesel to be specific.

Since selling my (near 300bhp) Focus ST (as per the avatar)I am having performance withdrawal and need another toy. I had been thinking about a Clio RS (previously ran a 172 Cup) or CTR.

Part of the problem with this is two lots of bills - tax, tyres, insurance, servicing etc etc. Whilst not poor I am needing to watch the cash as my company is in its first year.

The idea I have had is to give the Kangoo a heart transplant. A 2 litre Clio RS transplant to be precise.
The van is an ex university campus van, with only 31K on the clock, a really sound starting point. Plus I LOVE the idea of the ultimate Q-car (van!)

It is obvious that this couldn't be just an engine swap. Presumably in addition to the engine much else would want upgrading?

The starting price for running RS engines appears to be about £400. Complete Clio RS's (running and not crashed) seems to be about £1100. I would also want to change (as a minimum) the brakes (rear drums on the kangoo) the steelies for Clio RS alloys, and ideally interior bits (seats, dials gear nob/gaiter)

So - a few things I am debating, namely:
Would it make more sense to buy a complete car and asset strip it rather than sourcing parts separately?
Where could a written off/crashed Clio RS be found, if possible, to asset strip it for less?
What might I not have thought of, EG does a tank used for diesel need swapping?

Finally, have I lost the plot and would actually be better simply spending £1500 on a Clio RS or 106gti? (have also owned the later before)

Any thoughts welcome, as whilst I am loving the idea of it I don't know if it is a stupid one!

Updated February 9, 2013 at 9:09 PM

It would be pretty cool doing something like that, but if you need to be careful with your money as you said, just don't do it.

Projects like this never really end. First it's the engine and brakes like you said, but then you'll want a new suspension, maybe even a turbo, and lots of this stuff aren't bolt on upgrades, so more money into building mounts, etc.

Screw big brakes, will the engine drop in and run without large chunks of the original cars wiring loom?

Will the donor cars alarm take that, etc?

Modern car engine swaps aren't cheap.

Thanks both. These are the things I need to consider. I have good mechanic friends who will assist with labour/ know how/ tools, and favours can also be returned as me and my friends often sort things this way. Things like wiring looms/ alarms the like are way beyond my knowledge set.

As for upgrades like suspension, the thinking was is a cheap as chips doner car would surely have the bulk of the bits needed? In addition to the engine, brakes, suspension, interior bits, ancillaries et all would be there to be robbed?

If I could do for a few £K all in I'd be happy!

I think the Kangoo might be Scenic based, and there was a 2.0 16v fitted to that, though I've no idea if it was the same block as the Clio. The Scenic might be able to provide mounts/driveshafts etc then, which would make things a tad easier. Mind you, if it is Scenic based one assumes that also means Megane parts would work...

Really nuttinnew? I had always presumed it was pure clio genes? Clio nose, interior, and is surely narrower than a scenic? Mind, I am prepared to be proven otherwise in the name of education!

I certainly wouldn't take my word for it, I just vaguely remember hearing it somewhere because of the weight loadings.

I'll try and find out more.

TY nuttinnew, is appreciated

I think diesel to petrol will be your biggest stumbling block.
In the world of VW this means a full fuel system swap, lines tank, pumps as well as the engine.


The Evo forum really is a shadow of its former self. I remember when the internet was for the elite and now they seem to let any spastic on.

IaFG Supercharged Muppet Division

My thought on reading your comments is that it sounds like the Kangoo would be off the road a while if you are using mates / favours. It also sounds like it is a work vehicle for a business in its infancy, and so how do these two work together?

Sounds like a fun idea but will you really save anything versus running two vehicles?

Don't even think about it would be my advice!


I used to be confused and now I'm not so sure.

Be interesting to see what happens..... i remember caddy vans running VR6's form golfs and corrados years ago

Of course it won't be worthwhile financially, or be a "better" car than the Clio you could buy instead.. but it would be quite amusing, nonetheless.

Personally, I'd want a whole, running donor car to start with. Have read a few kit car builds based on more modern donors and some of the people who've use a non-runner or just bought engines have had all sorts of problems getting them going. At least with a complete car it's known to be OK and you have every part you need rather than chasing down some bit of loom or immobiliser that the seller "forgot" to include.


I know of a box / engine / loom combo for £450 ...

You will want the ECU unlocking ( already done ) and a ph1 early setup ( throttle cable ) if you look at doing this seriously.

And engine mounts changing.

Updated February 10, 2013 at 1:34 PM


TurboRenault Forum !

for the money you would spend on building the ultimate q car you could just buy one...


complete with ribbed steering wheel giggity

Cameron_Hill said...

for the money you would spend on building the ultimate q car you could just buy one...


complete with ribbed steering wheel giggity

A wing and body-kit makes that very non-Q-car.....also not sure it would offer the same practicality as a Kangoo

I actually fancied a tuned up Kangoo ages ago. A certain Gordon Murray once said that Kangoo van was the best balanced FWDer he'd ever driven. I agreed when I hired one, great laugh :)

Some very interesting and valid points raised - and yes, the youtube 172 Kangoo, that's so what I'm thinking!
The van is for my own company (, shameless plug.....) so yes, any time doing this is downtime for business, and wants costing in, and keeping to a minimum. This needs serious consideration - I learnt a hard lesson about company cash flow in December, when I had no work after the 16th!
I need to start looking seriously at what such a project would entail, cost, what stumbling blocks would arise, and figure out the cheapest way to get lay my hands on a 17/182, driveable or written off.
Your pointers so far are kindly appreciated. I shall keep you posted. Now I just need to convince Lucy that I've not lost the plot, and that it's actually a great use of my time and money.....

Updated February 10, 2013 at 11:16 PM

andybond said...


I know of a box / engine / loom combo for £450 ...

You will want the ECU unlocking ( already done ) and a ph1 early setup ( throttle cable ) if you look at doing this seriously.

And engine mounts changing.

Here is his build thread.
Sounds like a huge money pit to me. Surley a Zafira GSi or Stagea with the rear interior down/removed would be better and not end up ruining you.

Don't bother doing it.

It'll be cheaper, less risky and far better to just buy another car.

On the van you can chuck away all the running gear and fuel system, brakes and suspension, most of the interior as you alluded to and then start building it up. I bet you give up.

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