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Lads, I'm looking for advice here.

I'm off to Stuttgart Tuesday coming. We have a Porsche factory tour booked for the Wednesday morning. Museum afternoon. And maybe dinner in the Porsche restaurant before we leave.

I'm looking at the transport side of things but because there is very little information available in English on the sites I'm finding it a bit difficult to understand.
I'm looking for advice about travelling from the airport to the city. I'm staying in a Hotel on Mercedesstrasse in the city centre. And from the city to the Porsche factory.

Any advice you have would be welcome and the above or anything else you may add as a must do.


There is parking under the Porsche Museum, check out the dealership across the road too.

If you have the time, you should check out the Mercedes museum too, it's immense 8)


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I really enjoyed the Merc museum when I went (pre-arranged, sadly didn't get the chance to do the Porsche museum). I reckon they'd sell loads of cars by simply offering you a decent finance deal on the way out, because you definitely come out with a desire for the 3 pointed star.

I was most impressed with the C32 AMG F1 doctor's car. I was straight on Autotrader after that until I realised the nice carbon fibre trim and seats weren't standard. ;)



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Sorry unzippy, I'm not looking to rent a car just wondering about the public transport system there. I want to be able to have a pint here or there so I don't want to be lumbered with a car and not be able to pint away.
We are staying closely I think to the Merecedes museum and we are planning to hit there on Thursday morning.
I spoke to a guy recently who told me about the dealership across from the museum. It's also on the list to do on the Wednesday. He said they can be a bit snotty though. They changed their tune towards him only after seeing him parking his green 997 GT3RS.
Thanks for the reply.

Updated February 9, 2013 at 2:46 PM

Lol, before the museum was built we'd go in to the dealership for a cheeky crap:lol:
Have a look round the back too where they store the crash damaged Porsches.


The Evo forum really is a shadow of its former self. I remember when the internet was for the elite and now they seem to let any spastic on.

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Can't help with timetables and routes, but I spent alot of time in Germany when I was young and the public transport over there is far, far better than over here. I doubt you'll have any problems getting across Stuttgart.

I've visited both the Mercedes and Porsche museums. I found the Porsche museum a bit small, but otherwise very good. The Mercedes Benz museum is fantastic 8)

You can travel from the airport and to the Porsche museum by S-Bahn. Look for Porscheplatz - this is opposite the museum.

Link to S-Bahn map as follows:

Have a great time!

Updated February 9, 2013 at 11:13 PM

Thanks for the advice lads.

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