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Hi all,

I've heard the parents are seriously thinking about getting one this summer. Whilst i was in Berkeley Square yesterday waiting for an interview i had a sit in one.

My thoughts were:
Low roofline felt quite claustrophobic
Interior was very nice, but extremely short on space even on the 4 door model
Boot was tiny
Expensive- the model i sat in was listed at £43,000

has anyone test driven one? I'm wondering what they're like on the road


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Simon_667 said...

Low roofline felt quite claustrophobic

It's a feelgood car. As such, buying one without the glass roof would be stupid.


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I drove one and really liked it. It's a very car like drive and you can chuck it around very easily. Ride is slightly jiggly, though. Engine was powerful without being eager (this was the top SD4 engine and it was brand new so may have loosened up over time).

I really wouldn't describe the boot as tiny at all.


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Just buy one with 4WD to save the shame of being stuck in the one big snowfall we have each year :lol:


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Every time I see one I think I should have got one as a company car instead of the CX-5.

But for the £250/month more it would have cost me I could have gone for a Megane 265 Cup instead.


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I had the full use of an SD4 for a week. Will get back to you with more details of my experience later. Not all good, I'm afraid!

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Updated February 8, 2013 at 11:43 AM

exiges said...

Freelander in drag.

Is that supposed to be an insult? Because the Freelander 2 is bloody good.

Jobbo said...

exiges said...

Freelander in drag.

Because the Freelander 2 is bloody good.

Indeed it may be, but it's also £7k cheaper.

I wanted so much to like the Ewok. But frankly it looks decidedly naff and wears a ridiculous price tag. £43k for something that looks like a posh alternative to a Juke and has a 2.0 litre diesel delivering decidedly underwhelming performance? No thanks.


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I thought this might be a good car for the wife, so had a good look inside and out at an auto show when they were first released. The only positive thing I can say about them is the interior is lovely, although I agree it does feel small inside. The styling is horrible IMO and very expensive for what it is. As a result I never got as far as driving one as there are so many better options for the money.

exiges said...

Tarts handbag. Freelander in drag.

I actually think I would go for the Freelander before it. The current ones aren't far off a modern day Defender

How is a car that is selling by the shed load ludicrously priced? They look nice, go well and I would happily allow the wife to pilot one to improve her image.


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They cannot make them fast enough at the minute 24 hour production line at Halewood, convertible out soon and a mini Evoque being worked on too.

I like them, expensive for what they are though.

They do start at 29k but no one buys the basic ones does they. Have they any competition ? For a lifestyle, fashionable 4x4, no they haven't

I heard they'd had to stop production of other Land Rover models briefly to meet the demand. See lots round here, the other half is a vet, I'm hoping to persuade her she needs one for work...

The only other LR product made in the same factory is the Freelander, so I doubt it affected anything but that. And realistically the Freelander is the closest rival to the Ewok, but the Ewok is likely to make more profit for JLR, so I doubt they'll be too gutted about making Ewoks in preference.

It's no Dacia Duster.


The politics of failure have failed. We must make them work again.

I've only ever seen a couple on the road here. In 2012 they sold slightly more Evoques than RR's in the US, and sold twice as many RR Sports so I guess they must be doing well in other markets. They have ten cars sat waiting for a home at the dealer close to me.

Started seeing a few in California, saw a couple in Barbados. Probably too small for the US market and not a big enough engine. I think they look great - escaped concept car, very bold. Having said that, there doesn't appear to be any interior space.

Surely the competitors are X1/X3/Q5/ etc?


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