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I sold a few parts from a body shell and sent them via Royal Mail and forked out the extra money for the insurance due to the value of the items and the cost to replace them if something did happen. Postman Pat delivered the items and a part was broken, no problem it's insured and the buyer and I can put a claim in, or so I thought :roll:

The buyer "can't be bothered" and expects me to pay for the cost of a replacement but without his co-operation I can't make a claim from RM.

I've not had a good day and I'm going to tell them to co-operate or get fvcked. Why are people such cretins.

Tell him you can't be bothered. Legally he would need to produce evidence of the breakage before you have to do anything, so you can use that to claim if he does so.

Is it through eBay?

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What cooperation do you need from him? Explain to him in words of one syllable what the process is otherwise there'll be no refund. No arguments.

Be polite, send it by email. If it is an eBay issue, then you'll need proof of delivery and proof that you offered the refund.

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Tell him to get fooked, you insured them for a reason!

Not through eBay but he did use PayPal gift. I'll see what the reply is tonight after he's mulled it over but it's stupid to pay for a service and then refuse to use it when you need it.

I believe RM need the sender to provide proof of purchase and the receiver to provide evidence of a damaged item to complete the claim.

If he paid as a "gift" payment - bypassing any fees - paypal aren't going to fight his case for him.

He sounds like a ****-socket.

I have had this several times now. I always say 'post it back and I will refund you and reimburse your expenses'. I never hear anything back.

Except for the one woman who gave me negative feedback anyway.

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