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I had to ask a woman to not breed after she blocked me in at the station last night by being a retard.

I had to beep my way through retarded taxi drivers again at the station this morning.

The person in Morrisons who blocked an aisle while I was walking through and looked disgruntled as I mentioned they'd blocked a whole aisle.

The oxygen thieving clunge lookalike who put his foot down while I was overtaking him in his polo while giving me the eye. I would gladly remove his grunting jaw and stretch it over his head so he could eat his own sh1t.

Also the lass who slowed up the traffic as her pile of cr4p phone (Probably an Android, bleating on about how she can change her font colour, the joy of which gets her off as she sits in her 1 bed flat with no friends which aren't available by pixel only) lights up her face so she can concentrate on texting, yes I did use my horn to get ypou to FUNK OFF and no, hiding your face does not make you less troll like you failure at life.

I'll only be using the Land Rover today, I want to return home with parts of cars attatched to it owned by retards.


Updated February 5, 2013 at 9:27 AM


I came here to drink milk and kick ass..... and i've just finished my milk!!!!

i think you need more coffee.

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