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That bloke on BBC breakfast with his "you could record on it, I was a wannabe pop star" was a moron.


"It's like he's immortal but sh1t" - @NotoriousRev
"You look like a Jelly Baby from down the back of the sofa"

I sold about 30 blank minidiscs a few years ago for way more than I paid for them - I hadn't realised Sony were even still making players :lol:


Wow was I impressed

thought they were dead long ago

action jack84 said...

thought they were dead long ago

Same here.

My cousin was the only person i knew who used them and that was 20 years ago.

The format was always too late to the party.

Cool devices though, but too geeky than an iPod.

I've still got brand new unopened mds. Wonder what they're worth? At the time, I thought it was pretty cool but mp3 players killed it quickly.



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