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Those of you who follow my exciting life on TWITTER @RMajor86 will be aware that the GF's car broke down on the M3 today.

Luckily only a few weeks ago we changed our bank account with Natwest from Gold to Silver. This meant we sacrificed the never before used Breakdown cover, but gained LoveFilm DVD rentals!

Anyway, i guessed that GreenFlag would be the best company to call, and the girl friend called up and booked them, while i drove out to meet her. £108 and a hour later they arrive.

When chatting to the VERY nice GreenFlag mechanic he told me that he didn't have the spares required to fix the car there and then because they so very rarely have Ford problems.

Luckily the car was actually almost still drivable, as it turned out the problem was a fairly horrid misfire, so i managed to massage it back to work's car park, half way between the brake down at home.

Which manufacture/manufacture group do you think he keeps most spares for?

Answers on a post card.

Winner wins, ummm, a pack of the finest internet revels?

If this forum is anything to go by I would say BMW. Or Skoda.

He won't have many Skoda spares, cos I've fuggin' bought em already!!

I was gonna say Fiat, but I reckon its one of the Germans.

Edit: I see you've written Manufacturer group, so i'm going for VAG

Updated January 31, 2013 at 9:53 PM


Jaguar/Land Rover





My Glass is always half full

VAG is my favourite too.

P.S.A. (a swear word without the '.'s apparently :roll: ) Peugeot Citroën

So far, none of you are right.


ETA: If I win zedleg you can have the raisin ones :D

Updated January 31, 2013 at 10:21 PM



I often drive for a road travel

RichardMajor86 said...

So far, none of you are right.


Definitely Honda



Amazing, still all wrong.

Alfa Romeo






As guy my mate had out to his scenic said Honda was one of the ones with fewest brake downs and reckoned Renault were one of the worst, but also BMW were pretty bad.



Nash Metropolitan



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