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OK, so I got a new shiny monitor (Viewsonic VX2370S) and trying to use it on the old PC - SiS760 graphics (i.e. shite) until new PC shows up.

I updated the SiS drivers so that is should work at 1920x1080, selected that on the display menu in the control panel, but the image doesn't fit - it's clearly scaling the pixels, the monitor claims it's 1680x1050, and if you move the mouse to the screen edge, it scans around to show the whole image. Basically, it appears to be treating the monitor as smaller than it should be.

Edited to say - 1680x1050 fills the screen, but must be scaled as it's not the native monitor resolution.

So it looks utter crap. Any ideas from the brain trust before I go back to the old monitor and wait for new PC to arrive?

Updated January 31, 2013 at 6:04 AM

Sounds like an SiS driver issue to me, Chris.


Something witty goes here.....

If you get all wobbly-lipped about the opinion of Internet strangers, maybe it's time to take a bath with the toaster as you'll never amount to sh1t anyway.

It's the SIS drivers - they're fvcking atrocious, and never manage any resolution above 1280x1024 correctly.

Fact. End of. Get a new PC/replcement GPU.

Updated February 2, 2013 at 3:21 PM

Kind of what I figured. New PC turns up Monday so I will ignore it until then.

Be prepared for TIFKAM moaning however :lol:

WinKey + X

You will want to cuddle me for letting you in on that - gives you the 'admin' menu popup, with links to Control Panel etc.

Makes things much, much easier to navigate, rather than trying to find the Dektop, opening explorer, right clicking on Computer in Explorer etc.

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