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Exactly as title suggests, where has JB gone?? Just noticed in new look (again) Evo in driven section that he's not mentioned as a road tester! Checked at front of mag and no mention at all!!!

Not happy, always valued his opinion, where is he???


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I believe he left to take a senior role at Radical Cars.

RJW said...

I believe he left to take a senior role at Radical Cars.

That was Roger Green of pants on fire fame :D

carlos said...

RJW said...

I believe he left to take a senior role at Radical Cars.

That was Roger Green of pants on fire fame :D

My mistake 8)

turbobungle said...

Not happy, always valued his opinion, where is he???

His opinions are currently being valued full-time by a well-known car manufacturer. The same one with whom he had his very first job, as it happens.

Was going to say; working on development for Jaguar now. Think it was mentioned in one of the ECOTY team profiles a couple of years back.

Without wishing to bite the hand that feeds, I think it's very sad, not to mention disrespectful, that John's leaving was not even mentioned in the mag, likewise dropping Peter T from the credits.

Lest we forget, John was co-editor and co-founder of evo back it started in 98. Always loved his laid back writing style and of course, he was my Obi-Wan back when I did the Caterham Academy...


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I want to entirely second you on that David. It wouldnt have hurt to have wished John Barker all the best in his new role and to thank him for all the years he spent at EVO. Chris Harris was givan an official nod when he went and he was only with EVO for a brief time. JB, like Richard Meaden and Harry Metcalfe WAS EVO.

Very poor.

PS, I didnt even notice Peter T had gone too! Another EVO stalwart..

Updated February 2, 2013 at 9:25 AM

EVO = half a dozen staff then?

Let's hope that he can still do Capri V8 updates - that and Henry's hot 'Scort are the two long-termers I most look forward to reading about


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It may appear odd on the outside that somebody of JB's standing leaving without much of a fuss being made about it. But everybody appears to think he and others left under a cloud. It may have been a case of 'want to slip away quietly and go do this for a while..'

Updated February 2, 2013 at 2:26 PM


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Ian did say "currently", which might imply he'll be back when his current posting is done with perhaps?

Just to clarify, no disrespect at all is intended towards JB, it's just that rather than being a big, sudden farewell, his departure from his editor-at-large role has been a somewhat gentle one. He's been doing manufacturer work for some time now and, as you've probably noticed, has been writing less as a result.

Oh, and Mr T is still in the credits - he is still writing for evo, after all!

Good luck to John Barker at Jag :D

Barker and Meaden are two of the main reasons I stuck with reading Performance Car, then evo over the last 15-20 years. It's a shame to see Barker gradually stray away from motoring journalism. His articles on the 968CS certainly pointed my in the direction towards getting one.

Updated February 4, 2013 at 10:22 PM

i posted the same thing,so sad to see not a mention..i am the same,having read jb from performance car,to evo..thought it would have been nice to some acknowledgement.



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I too noticed the lack of JB and do feel a genuine loss with him not being on the mag. It made reading issue 181 quite sad. I still have the 1995 issue of Performance Car with him on the cover driving the Mac F1. I echo the thoughts of others on here why not a mention but Ev has replied which is something so thank you. Will miss his input. Will always remember a write up about a new 911 probably 10 or so years ago where JB gave it the beans on a deserted foreign road. By the time the camera car had caught up he was parked up in a lay-by puffing on a roll up! Classic - Good luck JB and take care of the Mk1!

I have chosen and spec'd new cars based on JB's findings and opinions, he was always spot on. Had a chat with him in early 90's about the excessive tyre wear on new NSX. I hope he enjoys his work doing what he enjoys and what he is great at, after all he has been at EVO for launch and issue 001. Very best of luck to him!!

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