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I drove home this evening up the A43, but could of mistaken it for a green lane.....There are pot holes on it that could swallow a car hole.

Trouble is it is not just one, the whole lot is a mess. Not GB's finest statement.:evil::evil:

Edited for the correct road...whoops

Updated January 31, 2013 at 1:46 PM


Spanner and Hammer speed shop.....Italian tune up specialist.

absolutely horrendous round our way too. Very dangerous too

This is where I don't understand local expenditure on roads; money is spent putting impediments on roads - speed humps - when they're already there in the form of potholes and free :?

It's scary to think that it has been estimated that it will cost around millions to fix all pothole problems in the UK...


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It's worth reporting them. Try this.

Some pretty nasty ones had opened up after the snow on my commute.

I was resigned to them being there for months as most are fairly minor roads, but by monday evening most had been done. I was shocked!




Too many old sheds.

THis is where the local authorities should share best practise.

OK i am over simplifying here, but some areas filled in others not, and some roads in an area are poor and others OK. To me this is a case of where money is saved and in others not.

Holes reported.....but it is not a simple as i wanted.


Spanner and Hammer speed shop.....Italian tune up specialist.

They don't even repair them properly, they just get a barrel of tarmac and chuck it in the hole, then go over it with something heavy. 24 hours later and the holes back again :lol:


How about not having a sig at all?

Always report them. If you don't then you're relying on others to do so, so have little right to moan that they've not been fixed ;)

If you have reported them, then crack on and moan away.

I am slightly dubious about reporting them. There are so many websites to do it on and does the council even read them? I did a few really bad ones last year but they didn't get fixed till the whole road got resurfaced 6 months later...


How about not having a sig at all?

Report it on the council's own website. You need to make sure that the Council you report to is the one that has responsibility for the roads. In some areas the Authority is unitary (i.e. covers everything inc highways) but in others it may be the County Council you have to report to.

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