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Am i right in remembering that EVO had a problem with their clio 200 pulling to the left?

I also vaguely remember that the only way they rectified it was by dropping the subframe with a guy in birmingham?

Could anyone point me towards the thread/article that could shed some light on the situation??

Top forum btw :)

I ran the Clio 200 long termer, which had the Cup chassis fitted. Most of the time I ran the car the tracking was never quite straight. It had numerous geometery corrections but it would soon be slightly out of kilter, which I put down to the stiff suspension and rocky British roads not combining well.

It was never a big issue, and was easy to adjust to. If your car is more severely pulling to the left then it's one to get checked out I'd think.

I remember reading your long term tests vividly. Infact I'm on the brink of buying a lightly used one at the moment. The one thing that troubles me is the cup suspension. I plan to use the car on road only, my area has some pretty bad surfaces etc and I'm really thinking the standard suspension would suit me more. So little is written about the non cup car, that I was hoping you could shed a little more light on its handling characeristics. Would you for instance plump for the standard suspension if it was never going to see a track? I've driven a c63 for the last six months, and loved it, but thought the ride was about as hard as I would like to go! Would the cup be worse than the merc? Any advice greatly received.

I compared Cup and standard back to back, here...

Sounds like you'd be fine without the Cup chassis. Though to be honest, the difference between the two isn't hugely substantial, so buying whichever car is the best combination of cheapest/nearest/your ideal colour is probably my advice.

Either way, I loved 'my' Clio to bits and was sad to see it go. If you can tolerate a firm ride and occasionally flimsy trim, it'll reward you way more than any of its rivals. And the wonders of depreciation make second hand cars exceedingly good value, I'd say.

I had a Clio 200 with the cup pack from 2009-12 and I can assure you that the cup pack is rock hard. It's like concrete! It didn't bother me that much, but passengers complained invariably. I never drove a non cupped 200, but felt it was well worth the suffering if only for the anthracite wheels, red calipers and lowered height. Yes, I'm a tart :lol: You definitely want to try one out if you can as it can be a bone rattler. Must say I never had any trouble with the tracking, even after hitting a kerb hard in a sainsburys :oops:

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