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Parents are looking to change their car and decided to shop around. They wanted a specification that is similar to the one they have with lower miles.

They found a car in a local Honda garage and used that as the yard stick for price, specification, age and condition etc. On arriving at another Honda dealer to look at a similar car for an idea of size etc. they were told that they have a new arrival due in from a customer that is upgrading. The customer would be getting a loan car to bridge the gap between his being sold and his new one arriving.

The car was described as being in excellent condition, the right miles and specification and a reasonable price so the parents put a deposit on the car and I came across from work to view the car with them.

When we arrived we found the car from the first dealership, which they wanted to sell to us at a much higher price than it was advertised for in its original dealership. We also found that the car was the complete wrong specification despite being assured that the car is the right one.

What a waste of a trip, the mistakes made by the dealer were rectified to a point - eg price - but when it turned out the car wasn't the right specification, Infact it wasn't far off base specification and we walked away. Never even got to the test drive.

I asked if they could get the right specification car or if they knew of one but they explained they were hard to come by.

Back to the drawing board and totally not what I'd expect from a main dealer, mis-advertised cars and big differences in price along with a back story that wasn't right. Hugely disappointed by Lightcliffe Honda.

Bunch of cvnts. It's amazing they are getting the specification wrong. We're studying this in contract law and if the customer buys the car and finds out that the dealer got the spec wrong they can easily sue as the dealer is deemed to have specialist knowledge so their statement is held as a term.


How about not having a sig at all?

We were told that the car had the following options:

Half leather
Heated seats
Cruise control
Front parking sensors
Auto dimming mirrors
25000 miles

It had none of the above, with 30000+ on the Odo. It was a whole specification range out.

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