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There's nothing been half decent on Steam since before Christmas.. :?

I used these on the weekend to buy a discounted steam game.

Football manager 2013 was £29.99 on steam , £20 in asda , and £11.98 on gamersgate ..


TurboRenault Forum !

How freaking quickly do you get through games?!!

I have a pile of shame reaching the metaphorical ceiling and I'm spending most of my gaming time with the F2P time sinks of Mechwarrior Online and Planet side 2.

What - there is more to Steam than TF2?




Bunta's Tofu

Still drowning in games here.

"Path of Exile" Beta is on my current playlist.
The Witcher 2 I've still barely touched.
Enjoying the current F2P Star Wars MMO.
Still dipping into Torchlight 2.
Back into playing Battlefield 3.

Not to mention the XBox, although that rarely gets turned on now except for the odd game of FIFA.


AMG Owners

Must say I'm dissapointed with Steam too, it's the only thing I play on during uni since I don't bother bringing my PS3 or Xbox to my flat. I'm too much of a COD fanboy to enjoy TF2 and COD online sucks on Steam.


How about not having a sig at all?

i need to buy the steam box. seems like im missing out on too much only having a ps3. :(

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